A battle between the ancient forces of light (TARA) and darkness (TERROR) rages on our planet. Emerging with it is the ancient idea of Shock n Awe, called Shakina–Glory–by the Jewish Mystics. Shock n Awe was known as the Divine Presence of God, a force of immense power that emanated from the Ark of the Covenant. Has it returned

On March 19, 2003 the U.S. military began the war to oust Saddam Hussein with decapitation strikes by precision missiles and bombs on targets in Baghdad believed to hold the Iraqi dictator, his sons or other top leaders. The first missiles came from aircraft carriers blaring the Queen song We Will Rock You.

A few hours later, another Saddam crawled out of the bunker and appeared on state-run Iraqi television. One official said the case against the broadcasts authenticity included that Hussein has several body doubles. This one had grey, jowley skin, and wore glasses uncharacteristic of the ones he normally wears. Technical analysts, who used digital enhancement techniques and triangulation measurements of facial proportions, assessed that the broadcast depicted the real Hussein (if there is such a thing). This master of many palaces was also a master of many heads, similar to Hydra, the nine-headed serpent slain by Hercules. When any one of its heads was cut off; it was replaced by two others.

White House officials hoped that killing Saddam as the war began could shorten the conflict by convincing his military to surrender Baghdad to the allies, an official said. There was no immediate word on whether the strike killed top Iraqi leaders.

Saddam Hussein is certainly dead. Even if he hasnt inherited the wind. And with him passes a sigh of relief. How close to Hitler was he to inflicting a holocaust on America How much of his Im the Muslim Messiah business did he buy

It has been over fifty years since Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker, yet our fascination with his life and sinister campaign of evil grows. Fifty years hence Saddam will still be a subject of mystery. The reason is because crucial parts of the story have been excised, sanitized and even occulted.

The occult was a major factor behind the rise of Adolf Hitler. It was excised from history because Churchill sought to prevent imitators and because recognition of it carries with it a terror that is beyond proportion for most. Hitler thought he was the Aryan Christ. He believed in the emergence of the New Atlantis. He sought to build a Master Race.

Like his death, the major factor behind the rise of Saddam Hussein is hidden. Exiled from Iraq in Luxor, Egypt, the young Saddam walked the mighty temples. He heard a voice that tempted him to power, real power.

Saddam thought he was Nebuchadnezzar, the biblical King of Babylon who rebuilt Babylon, the ancient home of the Bab-Ili or Gate of the Illi, the Illumined ones. Known as the Gate to God in the Bible, this huge tower, called in Sumerian Etemenenanki (House of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth) stood upon the central temple-complex called Esagila or House that Lifts Up the Head (of God).

Saddam did not take the ancient stories of Nebuchadnezzar and the Head of God as mere mythology. Just as Joshua became Jesus in the Jewish tradition, and their feats were considered mutual, Saddam affixed his tyrannical actions to Nebuchadnezzars.

To honor his previous incarnation, Saddam rebuilt Babylon. In 2002 he sought the return of the Ish-tara Gate from Berlin to Iraq, along with copies of thousands of ancient Sumerian tablets from the British Museum. He aimed to turn Babylon into a Disneyland for the ancient gods in the style of Nebuchadnezzar and his forerunner, Nimrod, who built the Tower of Babel. Like Saddam, Nimrod was a terrorist. He threatened and murdered innocents.

Nimrod is the Egyptian Osiris, who was decapitated by his half brother, Set. A serpent hanging from a pillar symbolized this gods head or skull. Osiris is the Egyptian equivalent of the serpent of Eden.

Herein lies a key to the untold story of Saddam.

Sir E.A. Wallis Budge, the British Museums curator of Egyptian antiquities at the turn of the twentieth century, was one of the first scholars to notice the relationship between Egyptian and Su-Merian mythology and to refer to its influence on Jewish and Gnostic symbolism.

In 576 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar looted and leveled the Temple of Solomon and transported the Jews to Babylon.

The Old Testament and Jewish mystic system known as Kaballism (to receive) flourished during his reign when he merged the Jewish and Babylonian cultures. In addition, Nebuchadnezzar opened the fiery furnace out of which the Son of God emerged.

In the old times it was the Israelite god, Yahweh, who ordered the death of Nebuchadnezzar. This was in retaliation for his deliverance of the secrets of the enigmatic fiery furnace, which behaves like a modern stargate or wormhole. Saddam may have been on the verge of reopening the Gate to God.

In January 2001, Yahweh made headlines when George W. Bush, a born again Christian who believes Yahwehs son died on a cross for him 2,000 years ago, ascended to power and asked a question. Does the angel in the whirlwind still direct this storm

Analysts puzzled over what the new present-id meant.

The whirlwind is the vehicle in which Yahweh rides. Then angel is Enoch, later called Metatron, the Prince of Earth. Metatrons job is to keep order in the world and to protect the throne of Glory (Shankina). The inference is that Yahweh or Metatron direct the affairs of Old Glory, America.

One morning in February 2003, George W. Bush came to land of the three stars Nashville, Tennessee the home of a copy of Iraqs Tower of Babel to tell religious broadcasters that the terrorists hate the fact that we can worship Al- Mighty God the way we see fit, and that the United States was called to bring Gods gift of liberty to every human being in the world.

Bush believes in Gods will. Foes say he found the right combination of religion and politics while living in Texas. He put on a halo and rode a wave of evangelical support to the core of the Republican Party. This right wing front organization for Jesus Christ took him all the way to the West Wing of the White House.

Bushs platform is simple, say friends and foe alike. Give everyone, everywhere, the freedom to find Jesus Christ.

His references to good and evil, installed in his vocabulary after 9-11, exploded into a countdown to Armageddon and the return of Jesus in born again minds. They read good, Jesus W. Bush, v. evil, Satan Hussein.

When George W. Bush decided hed had enough of the serpent Saddam he sent forces to decapitate him (a military technique that has been around forever), or expel him from the Garden. (In contrast to the approach of Moses and Jesus who sought to lift the serpent and transform it into a healing force.) In Sumerian myth, George the serpent or dragon slayer is known as Bel or Marduk, the bright one, the god of Mars (war/terror or peace/tara).

Slaying Satan Hussein is the fulfillment of Ronald Reagans apocalyptic plans. Some say it is the preamble to his repeated philosophizing about extraterrestrials, and the uniting of the human race in a final battle against an extraterrestrial foe.

This is the source of the Thing in the Near East. The extraterrestrials of times past inhabited present-day Iraq. The biblical Garden of Eden was their home, too.

To many Muslims, especially Arabs, Bush is the Christian Crusader come to steal the Cradle of Civilization for Jesus.

Bush put it plainly otherwise. We come to Iraq with respect for its citizens, for their great civilization and for the religious faiths they practice. We have no ambition in Iraq, except to remove a threat and restore control of that country to its own people.

Today, President Bush prepares to unleash Shock and Awe against the Axis of Evil on behalf of the Al-Mighty.

Curiously, Al-Mighty is the name originally given to the Israelite god El Shaddai, the Lord of the Mountain, the god of the Burning Bush, from whom the Egyptian, Moses, received the instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant and from whom he received Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Jewish Kabbalists tell us Shaddai is Enoch/Metatron. The angel in the whirlwind

In the earlier Iraqi tradition he was Ilu Kur-gal, meaning Great Mountain Lord. The Sumerians called him El, the Shining One.

In Jewish mysticism El or Ill is hidden (occult). Normally, Yahweh rode in a pillar of fire by day, and a pillar of fire by night. In order that God might be visible to angels and those humans who have nurtured their consciousness, he allowed his Glory to take shape in the form of a divine fire or light known only to the prophets and mystics.

Most Christians and Jews are unaware that this Divine Fire is a feminine component of the deity in biblical times. This feminine Glory of God is called shakina (Shock-in-ah).

Shakina is the Indian Shakti, translated as Cosmic Energy. The term is used in the Talmud and Midrash in place of Word (Memra, Life Force Energy, Christ).

The image of the Shekinah reaches back to the goddesses of Sumeria and later to As-Tara in Canaan.

She was first exiled from humanity as a result of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, which some scholars locate in various places in Iraq. She has shared the exile from the Garden (Iraq) with all of humanity. She is addressed as the Mystical Eden, the holy apple garden.

Shak-in-ah appeared in Jerusalem after the building of Solomons Temple and the placement of the Ark of the Covenant within the temples Holy of Holies. Solomon worshipped her over Yahweh. She is the goddess consort of the king seen as a visible cloud overshadowing or hovering over the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 40:34-38).

Shekina disappeared at the time of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar when the Ark was secreted either to Babylon or to Tara Hill in Ireland — and she did not return with them to Israel after the exile.

In her exile she is called the Widow and the Stone of Exile, the Precious Stone.

Shakina will not return until the time of the Messiah.

Shekinah is scattered into the scintillae, the soul sparks that are the souls of certain human beings. Until this gathering of souls takes place there can be no return to the Garden.

Jewish prayer is focused on accelerating the return of Shak- in-ah, and the return of humanity to the Garden.

The spirit of Glory is the dwelling in whom beings of light, the Illi, lived. In Ireland this place is called Tara.

Could it be that the Shock and Awe attack Bush and that old lady, Old Glory, America is preparing to let loose on Iraq is the awaited return of Shakin aw or Shakina

Is the gathering of souls in Iraq the gathering light of Shakina or Shock n Awe

When the first flash of Shock n Awe comes on that moonless night will it be interpreted by Iraqis as the coming of the god of thunder, Yahweh, over the sacred city of Baghdad

We shall soon see.

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