Are the coming US airstrike plans revealed in prophecy I used to think at the height of the Cold War that the following two prophecies of Nostradamus described the unthinkable and near simultaneous launch of a full-scale thermonuclear attack by intercontinental missiles of the Soviet Union and United States resulting in their mutually assured destruction.

Paraphrasing a famous prophecy of Jesus, I now wonder if these verses might be applied to what appears as wars (in Iraq, Lebanon) and rumors of wars to come in Iran from an all- out US air strike. It is just a plan so far, but a plan of such scope and apocalyptic shock and awfulness that it could someday become a means to justify the end-time tone of Nostradamus’ two prophecies below. Verses once popularly applied to augur the end of America and the Soviet Union in the past rather than Iran and Israel in a launch of weapons of mass destruction in the near future.

In Century 5 Quatrain 8, he said: There will be let loose living fire and hidden death, Inside dreadful globes — horrible! Frightful! By night, the city will be reduced to dust by the fleet, The city on fire, helpful to the enemy.

In Century 2 Quatrain 91, he said: At sunrise, one will see a great fire, Noise and light extending toward the North: Within the earth death and cries are heard, Death awaiting them through weapons fire and famine.

Back in the Cold War days, a Nostradamus scholar could not resist the “temporal”-tation to think the 16th-century French prophet had some foreknowledge of US-Soviet nuclear options. The target package plans of both superpowers required the first black coned warheads should fall in the carpet mushroom bombing of military bases and cities farthest south. The barrage of man gone mad making the sun’s fusion scorch the earth would creep northwards across Russia and America, snuffing them out with radioactive fire and the fallout laced ice of nuclear winter:

The last time I presented this interpretation was ten years ago on page 377 of my book Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. The brackets are inserted for clarification today. My take followed along the lines hinted in other Nostradamus prophecies that seemed to indicate Russia and America after the Cold War ended would briefly become friends then within three to thirteen years resume a new cold war stand-off. Recent developments of a cooling off of US-Russian relations between President Bush and Putin would seem to give added emphasis to my 1997 interpretation about Century 5 Quatrain 8:

“This could be a vision of bombers releasing their dreadful cargoes over any number of cities: London in 1940, Dresden or Berlin in 1945, Hiroshima or Nagasaki in 1945, etc. Fontbrune reminds us of Virgil’s phrase “globi flammarum” (whirlwind of flames). This may describe the great firestorms of Dresden or at Hiroshima after the first atomic attack. Or this terrible prophecy waits in our future

Hydrogen fusion is the living fire of the Sun. Radiation is its hidden death. Paris, therefore, may be destroyed by the one vector of doomsday the START [Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties] generally leave intact, missiles launched by submarine fleets. START’s great pledges to dismantle the vast arsenals of land-based ICBMs could be at best a cosmetic device to mollycoddle us into thinking this planet is becoming a safer, non-nuclear place, while the real threat to our future lurks beneath the waves, and out of sight of our dreaming eyes.

Does the Quatrain Indexing Date “Q8” refer to 2008 In 1997, I presented a theory that Nostradamus’ quatrain indexing was more than a reference device to trip up fake quatrains written in his name. For instance, notice how the tabloid Nostradamus prophecies do not present indexed prophecies.

The volume and quatrain indexing numbers may also hide dates. For example, the detailed account of Louis XVI’s failed escape attempt from France under a French revolutionary government is indexed “9 Q20.” On the night of 20 June 1791, the royal family, disguised as servants of Baroness de Korff, made an unsuccessful run for the border out of Paris in heavy covered carriage. The “9” is code for an upside-down “6” (June) 20th.

Another example, it is popularly believed, foretells two Nazi German invasions through the Ardennes Forest. Nostradamus names the forest outright in the prophecy as the route for surprise invasions causing the fall of two empires, implying the fall of France and its colonial empire in 1940 and later the collapse of the Third Reich in the Battle of the Bulge in 1945.The quatrain is indexed 5 Q45. The Germans capitulated on 8 May to the Allied forces. May is the fifth month of (19) 45.

This is not to suggest that all the quatrain indexing hides dates. Not even those that seem in our minds to perfectly date our interpretation of the quatrain’s event. For instance, the second of our two verses under examination, Century 2 Quatrain 91, could date a tragedy committed by a US tomahawk missile killing upwards of 400 Iraqi civilians in a bomb shelter mistaken as a military bunker in al-Amirya, Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991. It may be a macabre coincidence that 2 Q91 might stand for the second month (2) February of (19)91. The last two lines of the prophecy could describe that unforgettable scene televised around the world of the aftermath of family members pulling victims out of the destroyed and smoking underground bunker: “Within the earth death and cries are heard, Death awaiting them through weapons fire and famine.”

An interpreter’s common sense can almost match Nostradamus’ uncommon gift of sight, except for the fact that there was no famine in Iraq during or after the Gulf War.

I have attempted to find an all-encompassing code to make clear and unencrypted sense out of Nostradamus. Yet, my findings after three decades of research conclude that what codes exist in the prophecies are at best random and adaptable. If you want to obscure yourself, you do not follow consistent and easily predictable patterns. Maybe most of the index numbers are simply that — index numbers. With that in mind, the quatrain indexing for Century 5 Quatrain 8 may be simply a reference device; however, I find it chilling today to recall that a decade earlier I posed the possibility that Quatrain 8 of Century 5 could stand for acts of war coming as soon as next year, and I would add, in the fifth month, May, of 2008.

I do not think the mutually assured destruction of the US and Russia is coming next spring or even a dozen years from now, if at all if we can help it. A new interpretation of this dreadful prophecy might present a forecasted outcome seen long ago in 1556 as a consequence of putting in motion a US war plan the President of the United States is considering to bomb Iran, leaked and reported in the Sunday Times (United Kingdom) by Sarah Baxter (2 September 2007).

“The Pentagon,” says Baxter, “has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days.”

One could call it the ultimate Bush Blitz on Iran.

It would seem that all the pent up fury America has stored against the Islamic Revolutionary regime since it took the US Embassy hostage in 1979 could be unleashed in red-eyed flames of hundreds of Tomahawk missiles. There is a reckoning planned to set a nation’s ire aglow in fleets of afterburners on moonless nights. Several hundred US Naval and Air Force bombers initially coming from the south out of airfields in friendly Gulf States or off carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf will spread, as the prophecy may forewarn, the fire of its bombs, the dreadful globes. Laser guidance calls down from the heavens in cold kinesthetic revenge GBU- 28 bunker buster bombs unseen until the impact of all their speeding 2,000 pounds rain down on reinforced nuclear, military and government installations across Iran. The terrorist training camps supported and financed by faculties of Iranian Revolutionary Guards for decades as campuses training asymmetric Islamic warriors outside of Qom will be “gone.” The real or imagined threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons program raised to the ground and raised in the underground of their own subterranean installations. Speculation scooped or openly delivered to confuse the press and the Iranians hint of a launch date for the Bush Blitz as soon as days after Yom Kippur (22 September 2007) or as late as four, even eight months from now. By the way, May 2008 is eight months from now.

Century 5 Quatrain 8 is certainly open to other interpretations. If it is indeed about a coming US blitz of underground Iranian installations one might break it down line by line this way:

“There will be let loose living fire and hidden death”

Once the subterranean confines of Iranian command and control bunkers or underground nuclear installations are breached by rapid excavation of a series of bunker busting bombs either a thermobaric or tactical nuclear warhead sent through the wound in the earth unleashes “living fire” in a tightly closed chamber and perhaps the hidden death of radiation. The obliteration of people and things therein are also hidden from sight because death reaches them deep underground.

“Inside dreadful globes — horrible! Frightful!”

Is this a 16th-century man trying to explain to his readers the warheads of living fire and hidden death in a future attack Whether Iran, America, Russia or even Israel are the recipients remains obscured in Nostradamus’ future fog of war.

“By night, the city will be reduced to dust by the fleet”

Nostradamus uses the term “fleet” for air and sea armadas. This could be a double entendre for both, especially air fleets coming from the south off carrier flight decks in the Persian Gulf. A city rendered to dust sounds all too contemporary and perhaps all too extreme for the attack planned by the Bush Administration. No cities will be flattened in Iran, unless the coming war harbingers Iranian warheads of chemical and biological agents atop Shahab missiles falling on Israel. In response, Israel launches a nuclear counterstroke on the Iranian capital, Teheran. Israel has a “fleet” of three German manufactured Dolphin Class attack submarines. Two are always on station off the coast of Iran. It is believed they are able to launch nuclear tipped missiles.

“The city on fire, helpful to the enemy.”

If Teheran is set on fire by mistake or a nuclear escalation involving Israel, it could be “helpful” to the attacker’s enemy, Islamic terrorists. That is, a surprise attack on Iran becomes the Islamic world’s “Pearl Harbor” event, awakening a sleeping giant of rage in one-sixth the Earth’s population against America, Israel and the West.

Now let us do a quick rendering of Century 2 Quatrain 91 line by line to see if it could presage a US bombing campaign of 1,200 targets on Iran.

“At sunrise, one will see a great fire,”

To me this is evocative of many things far more vast in scope than an aerial attack of bunkers, bases, airstrips and harbors scattered across the great expanse of Iran. But still

“Noise and light extending toward the North:”

The rolling thunder of hundreds of US jets and missiles might enter Iranian air space heading north out of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Oman, their contrails aflame in the first light of dawn.

“Within the earth death and cries are heard,”

Heard by Nostradamus at least. Heard centuries before in secret watches in the night in his study. Heard in a divinatory trance, the cries suddenly consumed by explosive forces and shock waves of warheads devouring the atmosphere in the great devastation of Iran’s underground nuclear installations, consuming their scientists in caverns filled with ranks of thousands of centrifuges making uranium fuel. Within the earth in havens for the Ayatollahs of the Supreme Council and President Ahmadinejad’s regime, the nerve centers where huddle the commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and regular army commands, cries are heard and drowned out by detonation’s din.

“Death awaiting them through weapons fire and famine.”

And afterwards, the intended crippling and collapse of a nation. What took eleven years in Iraq takes three days in Iran. Will then the country descend into famine

Is this really the blood red dawn of the next war approaching days, or months from now The rush to war seems wantonly marginalized by the mainstream news. They seem more interested in hurling Britney “Spears” of idle gossip, or obsessing on stories O.J. “Simptomatic” of a great American civilization adrift from perspective, disconnected from its war machine, its military industrial complex gearing up to perpetuate its infernal industry with a necessary expansion of warthis time over the skies and under the soil of Iran.

I sometimes think Nostradamus writing the two prophecies above plays a partor induces his interpreters to play the partof fire breathing prophets of old who, given the dull sense of perspective of their times, railed at their beloved neighbors to rebirth in loud voice of travail, their precious attention. In times past that were dull and selfish to all else but the hedonism at hand, a prophet had to sometimes go over the top in strident cries of a voice in the wilderness of whimp culture idleness. If the signs forebode smoke in the house of civilization about to catch fire, one must sometimes shock its inhabitants by yelling, “FIRE!” before tongues of flame are lit.

Are the prophecies above therefore about imminent catastrophe in Iran Another cold war with Russia going hot Who cares what device of future gazing one uses if complacency be disturbed and perception be guided back on track to real topics, to perceive the dangers of real spears and symptoms of crisis.

Do we sniff and snuff out smoke in civilization coming from History’s next unwanted conflagration Or do we fall ever more dreamily into the company of the nouveau “preach” of a falling superstar She imparted words of whizz-dom a few years ago between smacks of chewing gum mangled by jaw saying we Americans should support and follow our president without question, whatever he plans to do or does in the Middle East.

Thus spake Britney Spears.

Not Zarathustra.

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