The energies have been really different since the tsunami last December. Could this change in energy have to do with the gamma ray burst that happened just 44.6 hours after the tsunami This gamma ray burst was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded, equaling the brightness of the full Moon. This burst originated from SGR1806-2 which is a neutron star and is located about 10 degrees northeast of the Galactic center and about 45,000 light years from us. In Paul LaViolette’s book titled Earth Under Fire he presents evidence that a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward in front of a galactic superwave and would be the first to arrive here. He points out that such gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on Earth during their passage that could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects. Isn’t that exactly what happened on December 26, 2004 There could also have been other events associated with that quake.

We are still reeling from the effects of that Gamma Ray Burst. That burst hit the moon first, and then it bounced off and hit the Earth’s ionosphere, which caused it to light up. This burst was very high frequency energy and the Earth is still shaking and quaking from it. On December 26, there were 17 major 6 and 7 point earthquakes recorded. By December 27, about 30 quakes were recorded, not only in the Sumatra area, but all over the world, and it’s still quaking.

When something that dramatic hits our ionosphere, it also affects us personally and we move into high-speed transformation. How did this energy affect you Are you an empath who feels everything that goes on in the world Empaths came in with their heart chakra open, and tend to work through the second chakra which connects to the emotional body. Now it’s time to work through the heart and the solar plexus chakra so you can manifest your power instead of taking on everyone else’s problems. That way you become a higher level empath. The beautiful bright orange/peach energy of the second chakra that is now on Earth is to bring joy and happiness to those who are ready.

Before this total joy happens, you need to pass the ninth initiation which includes releasing all fears, negative emotional feelings, and letting go of depression. Were you depressed for two or three weeks in March Have you felt like your motivation got up and left, or were you one of the lucky ones who felt everything was going great in your life I think empaths felt this energy the hardest.

Saturn, the testing planet, has been in the sign of Cancer for over two years. Cancer is an emotional water, sign which means the last two years were a period of emotional turmoil for lots of people on Earth. Last November Saturn went retrograde and stayed that way until March 22, 2005. The retrograde phase put a lot of things on hold so lots of emotions could be felt by many. The last three weeks that the Sun went through Pisces – an emotional water sign – many people became depressed because they were finishing up the ninth initiation.

At the spring equinox of March 20, the Sun moved into Aries, and two days later Saturn went direct. The spring equinox always seems to bring a change, so hang in there if you have been one of the ones who were depressed. I think the gamma ray burst forced energy up from deep within us and we had to let go of old thinking. Hooray for those who graduate and come into their power.

The spring equinox chart shows the planet Mars on 29 degrees Capricorn, still in opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates new beginnings. The moon is opposing Mars so emotions may be running high over some event. Mars is getting ready to move into Aquarius and will activate the countries of the East – like the Koreas, Japan, Taiwan, the Indonesian Islands, and the Philippines. (Japan had a 7 point earthquake). When Mars conjuncts the planet Neptune, we may see some chemical events such as oil spills, opposition to the drilling in Alaska, or bombs exploded.

There will be two eclipses in April. The first one is a solar eclipse on April 8, and the second is a lunar eclipse on April 24. Eclipses set up events that seem to manifest when a planet hits the degree of the eclipse. The shadow or darkness of the solar eclipse will be SE of New Zealand and stretch across the Pacific ocean to Panama, Columbia and Venezuela. Watch for events in those areas as time moves on.

The Sun at the time of this solar eclipse will be on 19 degrees Aries, which is a very powerful degree and activates Hawaii. There will be four planets plus the node in Aries. The opposite side of the world that will be affected by the planets will be Italy, Greece, and all of the Balkan countries. The first week in April, the Sun will be opposing Jupiter, which usually causes large Earth events like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Jupiter also rules religion. Is there something up with the Pope There may also be more earthquakes and volcanic activity off the west coast of America, or Alaska.

The lunar eclipse on April 24 finds the Sun at 4 degrees Taurus opposing the moon at 4 Scorpio. It’s very interesting that there is a lunar eclipse activating Israel on the first day of Passover. I think this portrays something very ominous. There are five planets plus the moon in alignment at that time, with Mars opposing the Moon by declination. Is it possible that Israel may take out Iran’s nuclear plants It said on the news a couple of nights ago that missiles had been stolen from Russia and were sold to Iran. These missiles have the ability to reach Israel, and they can carry nuclear bombs. That doesn’t sound good to me. Is this Passover symbolic of Moses, and his followers fleeing the city Time will tell. Or the energy could work out in an entirely different way. In the meantime try to keep your emotions balanced as the world continues to shift and quake. It’s time to reach for the planet of light that overshadows this planet of darkness.

I send you my blessings. ***Mahala***

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I wrote this article before the spring equinox. Since then there have been two large earthquakes in Indonesia and the Pope is on his death bed. Bless his soul.

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