Ed. Note: Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist. The opinions he expresses here are his own and are not necessarily the opinions of Whitley Strieber or Unknowncountry.com. Mr. Chamish has made a vitally important contribution to political journalism with his work attempting to uncover the truth about the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. An effort is now being made in the Israeli press to discredit him because he also wrote about UFOs. But his case that Rabin’s was a political assassination is very strong. His books the Last Days of Israel and Return of the Giants are available from the Unknowncountry.com store. Click on the titles or call 1-800-898-0284 during business hours.


A few years back, a highly honorable Israeli named Yaniv set up a web site, at his own cost, to publicize my findings about a UFO wave that Israel was in the midst of. Have a look at it: http://members.tripod. com/~ufoisrael.

For the past two years I stopped contributing to it; in fact, I stopped my UFO writing entirely for a number of practical reasons. Most practical of all, the Israeli UFO wave which began in 1987, stopped dead in its tracks. Other than one crop formation last spring in Nir Eliahu, there have been no major incidents to describe since July, 1999.

That fact alone, however, would not have put an end to my research. For instance, I had planned to try and put perspective into the modern wave by looking closely at such ancient phenomena as cherubim and seraphim and had a short list of rabbis who I was about to interview for a clearer understanding.

I decided against pursuing the work, mainly, because it was harming my reputation as a political writer. I had gathered indisputable evidence that Yitzhak Rabin was not murdered by the patsy imprisoned for the crime, but rather by his own bodyguard in a coup from within his own political circles. I collected my findings into a book called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, which was published in five languages. The Hebrew version is in its eighth edition and is having an enormous impact in Israel. For exposing the truth about Rabin, I have gained a large number of enemies, no small number from within the Israeli ruling establishment. Their main proof that my Rabin research is wrong is because I wrote about UFOs, therefore, I must be a nut.

Right now, my country is being put to death by powerful, rotten forces in Europe and America. The means used was the placement of an immoral terrorist organization in our midst. I have written books exposing the international plot against Israel which would have had a stronger impact, except my one UFO book was used to prove that I’m a deluded fantasizer. My country is in mortal danger, I found out why, and my UFO work was badly affecting my credibility. So I chose to distance myself from it. Yesterday, the distancing was put to an abrupt end.

The most influential Jewish newspaper of all, the Jerusalem Post, published a supercilious review of Yaniv’s web site which implied that my “controversial” work on Rabin should be reconsidered. This was not a small time event. The review was published in the Post’s weekend magazine, which reaches and strongly impacts just about the entire Jewish world. I am once again being touted primarily as a UFO writer and my country will be the big loser.

Which leads to the core reason why I quit UFO writing: the field has been infiltrated by fraudulent “research” and as a result, a very important subject is a laughing stock amongst most people. It is just bad business to be associated with it.

I am not a UFO writer by trade; circumstances initiated by interest. While serving in the Israel Air Force as an anti- aircraft missile operator, me and my unit witnessed what was undoubtedly a UFO wave in the summer of 1980. We were trained to identify anything that should have been in the air, but the squadrons of low-flying satellite-like objects we were spotting night after night were not taught in our plane identification classes. So I decided to talk to pilots on my bases and I learned they had all chased UFOs at one time or another.

So when a most convincing series of UFO encounters began in Kadima in March, 1993, I was drawn to investigate. This led to a large number of magazine articles, a book; Return Of The Giants, television work for the Sightings program, for Bob Kiviat and the Fox Network, for the Discovery Channel. Best of all, my work sent me on expense-paid lecture trips to exotic places like Pisa, Acapulco, Leeds and Brasilia. I enjoyed almost every conference I attended as a lecturer but I also found many disturbing trends that left me deeply skeptical about the overall honesty of UFO research, which is not to imply that most UFO researchers are dishonest; quite the opposite.

The researchers I most enjoyed meeting and reading like John Mack, Whitley Strieber, Bud Hopkins, Michael Lindemann, David Jacobs etc. are all men of tremendous integrity. What unites them is the conclusion that the UFO phenomenon is not a happy one; in fact, it is highly dangerous. There is little to rejoice about bizarre kidnappings, rape, forced implantation and psychological torture. All but one of the close encounter Israelis I interviewed rued the day they had their visitations, which made their testimonies all the more genuine to me.

Yet the overall theme of the conferences I attended was that the arrival of the UFOs was joyful and that the occupants of these craft were here to upraise our universal consciousness. Here are a few thoughts on how this wrong message is being spread and why it has made UFO writing the object of international ridicule.

Shoddy Research:

Those who appreciate my work, do so for my strict adherence to journalistic method. As totally weird as the Israeli UFO story is, I backed my case with a collection of UFO videos which I had computer tested by experts, physical evidence such as shards of silicon and strange oils left within landing circles, which I sent to accredited laboratories worldwide for thorough scientific examination, and corroborated testimonies from reliable witnesses. With this process I rejected countless claims and exposed frauds, such as the Achihud “extra-terrestrial,” a frog-like creature which I insisted had an earthly explanation and was proven right by BUFORA’s lab tests in England. (Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the incident. It made big waves a few years back but is better forgotten). So when people I liked strayed wildly from my rules, I became very disappointed. Here are two examples:

Stanton Friedman is someone I like very much. We share a common background and sense of humor. He is to be applauded for being about the first man of science to risk his reputation by backing the argument that UFOs must be studied by the academic community. Then why is he risking it all in his fight to legitimize the Majestic 12 papers Everything about them is suspicious, from the way they were found (lying in a Xerox machine) to the wrongly dated typewriter used to produce them. Why would a man of his stature stake so much on such an iffy cause

Bob Dean is the sweetest man you’ll meet and his personality makes him a crowd favorite. Though he never rose past the rank of sergeant, his fame rests on discovering secret military information about UFOs. He will tell the audiences, for example, that the US Army is aware of at least ten separate physical dimensions. This is a fabulous discovery but never once did he present a written document to back up this claim and others. Simply, in my world, that is not allowed. Unless you have the proof in hand, you don’t go public.

And there are too many others who claimed to have worked for the military who saw alien bodies in Air Force hangars, gravity-defying crafts under Area 51 and the like who didn’t have the diligence to prove their claims by photocopying documents, snapping photos, interviewing witnesses etc. We have nothing but their word to go on. Compare them to Jesse Marcel Jr. He not only backs the Roswell case with childhood memories, he has collected the evidence persuasively, and has a genuine, courageous military background. That is why the Roswell incident is believable and most of the others of the genre, are not.


Start with the Sitchin cult. Yes, he is an original thinker and deep scholar. No, there is not nearly enough proof that planet Nbiru is ending its 3400 year orbit and sending scouts to earth. What we have here is an interesting re- interpretation of Sumerian texts turned into a baseless belief system. And it contributes to the overall ridicule of UFO research…But not nearly as much as the Raelians’ demand for a piece of sovereign Jerusalem territory to build a landing site for the Elohim. Or the mass suicide of ufonuts aiming for the mother ship trailing a comet. If you ask me, these groups are all funded as psy-ops by intelligence agencies utilizing UFO naifs for their own wicked purposes.

And I walked right into one of these operations in Brasilia. I called it the Temple of Doom and once I had a look around and gave my lecture, I got out of there fast and stayed away. The “Temple” was built by the League of Good Will as the headquarters of its “world parliament.” It boasts the biggest piece of crystal and prayer pyramid in all of Brazil. Toga-clad young people are lured into this pyramid to walk in circles to trance music. The religion they are taught is of a one world faith, encompassing and superseding all other nations and beliefs.

Some of the believers with short-cropped hair patrol the grounds with walkie-talkies surveiling everyone in their sight. In the basement are row after row of computers linked to satellite dishes outside. Those of us lecturers who ventured to this part of the temple were rudely removed by the crewcut believers in their CIA dark blue suits.

There was one crop-circle expert from England who told the small crowd of zombies that he felt, “a positive energy,” coming from the temple. Most of the rest of us felt that UFO research was being used in a very sinister way by an equally sinister cult.

And while the New Age cultists occupy a central position in UFO thought, those who determine what is acceptable or not have consigned all Christian research to the dustbins of history. As far as the UFO establishment is concerned, those who combine Christian thinking with the subject of UFOs are religious fanatics. That is because they have reached the conclusion that the UFOs are either a government “New World Order” deception or are demonic. So let me state that I view this attitude as a genuine possibility worthy of intellectual pursuit and some of the best UFO literature I’ve read ie. Missler/Eastman, David Lewis, forcefully argues these positions. And I’m not the only secular researcher who feels this way, the late Jim Keith viewed UFOs as an “illuminati deception.”

Yet the mainstream UFO world welcomes the superstitious magic-believers of the New Age with open arms while rejecting anything that smells of genuine theology. I may not be Christian or a very pious Jew but I recognize thoughtful scholarship when I read it and the rejection of traditional religion by the UFO publishers and conference organizers is a huge mistake.

And it is those very publishers that may be, in large part to blame for the poor state of UFO literature. I have not yet met a UFO writer without his story of not being paid for his work. I respect and honor anyone with the vision to publish my books. But I had to pay for much of the promotion of Return Of The Giants and I have not yet seen my royalty payments. This is so commonplace that it inhibits costly research and repels the most talented writers from devoting themselves to producing finely researched UFO literature.

That said, it is the conference organizers who must share the blame for not weeding out shady speakers. It is the shakiest of cases which dominate conference after conference. Which brings me to my biggest disappointment.

Michael, Why Are You Doing This

Without Michael Hesemann, I may not have had nearly the impact that I did. He introduced my work to Europe and recommended me to conference organizers worldwide. I owe him a lot.

My doubts began with the abduction claims of one Uri Issacov. Michael commissioned me to write about him and then flew to Israel to meet him. By then I was certain he was a fraud and did my best to convince Michael to reject his claims completely. But though there was ample proof that Issacov was lying, Michael included him in his commercial video production about abductees.

Then I noticed at several conferences that Michael would vehemently argue in favor of other shoddy cases. He was a vocal advocate of Billy Meier, who turned his dubious claims into a cult. He went so far as to write a book defending the infamous alien autopsy film and still defends it even after one of the actors in it, a British sound producer, publicly admitted that the whole thing was staged. Most worrisome of all is his message to the conference crowds; the UFOs are here to guide humanity, if they were bad, they would have destroyed us by now with their power. This is one very irresponsible message to bandy about.

My final falling out occurred over one Carlos Diaz. Michael has invested a small fortune sending this Mexican photographer to conferences worldwide. It was in Leeds, at my first UFO lecture, that I saw what I would see over and over again; the more skeptical thinkers in the audience were laughing at Diaz and his silly UFO videos with the red laser beams. And some found his message downright hilarious; to the accompaniment of a Paul McCartney video, Diaz claimed that the aliens, who were waves of light, told him to spread the word that humanity was in danger and must eat organic foods and otherwise live cleanly to save itself.

At Pisa, Diaz premiered his latest videos to a select group when the conference ended. These were the most rigged shams of UFO films imaginable. There was improper light, shade, perspective: everything was wrong with their authenticity. No one would have been fooled by them where I come from and no one was fooled by them that night in Pisa. When he was asked why there were no shadows or background in his clips, Diaz explained that he was whisked to a cave 180 meters high and light didn’t reach the walls or ceiling.

The next evening, at a little cafe near Pisa University I let Michael hear me clearly.

“Michael, if you show those Diaz films to anyone, it’ll wreck your career. They’re phoney and everyone will see it. And I think you’d better rethink all of his films.”

“Do you think all his films are phoneys”

“The way I see it, one night he videotaped a real UFO over his house. He got a lot of attention and perks from it and started fabricating new ones.”

“Why would he do that You’ve met him and his family. They’re not crooks.”

“His wife is really classy, much better educated than him. Maybe he had something to prove to his family. Whatever the reason, as a friend I’m advising you, don’t be so closely associated with Diaz or your reputation will never recover.”

We walked to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. I pointed up and said, “Michael, that tower is maybe 90 meters in height. Do you believe there is a cave anywhere 180 meters high The walls would have collapsed long before it got that big. He’s making the story up.”

I decided to ask him the BIG question. Over time, many people have written me charging that the UFO scene has been thoroughly infiltrated by the hidden powers who rule our planet. They would point to many examples, like Derrel Sims being a former CIA employee, to prove their point. Over time, Derrel’s diligent work has convinced me he is sincere. However, these same people would ask me to explain away Michael’s ties to Laurance Rockefeller. They insisted Michael was being guided and financed by Rockefeller to push his agenda.

I like Michael Hesemann very much. From our first meeting I felt comfortable with his company. More than that, I enjoy his company. I look forward to seeing him. That night I felt close enough to ask, “Michael, why are you working with Laurance Rockefeller Do you know anything about the Rockefeller family and the evil they’re involved in through their Council On Foreign Relations.”

He replied, “Laurance is the black sheep of the family. I know all about the Rockefellers and their world government plot but I assure you, so does Laurence and he rejects it. He is putting his share of the money into honest UFO research.”

I didn’t like the answer. There are no benign Rockefellers. They invest in control and for all the worst reasons. And, at least one of them, is busy setting the agenda of UFO research. I insist on believing, Michael doesn’t realize he’s being used.

I haven’t seen Michael since Pisa. Today he is busy advocating the Carlos Diaz “light” theory. Last year, Don Waldrop of MUFON Los Angeles organized a wonderful four- date speaking tour of California. My book came out and has received fine reviews from people like the Creightons of England and Roland Horn of Germany. Whether I like it or not, Return of the Giants did establish me as a UFO writer. And those who try to neutralize my political writing, use it against me with relish.

So, for the past two years I stopped the UFO research and concentrated on investigating the covert war being waged against my country. However, as of yesterday, thanks to the Jerusalem Post, I am now known widely as a UFO writer and that, of course, means my expose of the Rabin murder must be wacky.

The role of serious scholarship of the UFO enigma has been neutralized and demeaned through hoaxes, frauds, shams, cults and superstition. Anyone who delves into the field risks mockery and perhaps, the end of his credibility. And I claim, that is not accidental. UFO investigation is being ruined by agents of dissension working within the mainstream of the UFO establishment.

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