As part of our series of new Communion Letters, “Eileen from Seattle” writes: An incident you wrote about in Transformation is almost identical to something that happened to me a few years ago. You described how you had been bragging about your home and your books, when a voice spoke in your head, saying, “Arrogance! I can do what I wish to you.” When she bragged about healing herself, she received the same sort of reprimand. She also met a troublesome alien named “Jack.”

She continues: About four years ago, while camping on the Olympic Peninsula with my youngest sons, I slipped on a root and injured my back. I was in so much pain that I didn’t know how I could drive home. That night, in desperation, I sent healing energy through my body. Next morning the pain was much less and in a few days it was gone altogether.

A couple weeks later I was telling someone about how I had healed myself, when a voice in my head said, “Don’t be arrogant!” Moments later the pain returned to my back in full force! Immediately I knew what I had done wrong. In a moment of pride, I’d forgotten my lessons.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” I cried out telepathically. “I realize that I’m not the source of power, I’m just the channel.” The pain disappeared in about five minutes and has never returned.

I knew well who had spoken in my head and had caused my pain to returnNature Spirits, the Shining Ones, the original inhabitants of this planet, long before humans or animals arrived. They are a race of beings without solid physical bodies, without souls or free will. They are pure spirit and they are my teachers. Nature Spirits are not the ones who perpetrate abductions or torture humans. However, when humans have had their minds opened by “visitor” experiences, Spirits take advantage of this opening to expand human awareness of life beyond the purely physical. They are the ones responsible for Crop Circles.

I can see them and talk to them because of physical manipulations on my body that started about 12 years ago. I was compelled to take my clothes off and lie down on my bed. A light of some kind focused on different parts of my body while I went into a trance. After about half an hour, a voice told me to turn on my side, then on my other side, then onto my stomach. This happened several times over a period of months.

Finally I asked the Angel who is in charge of keeping me on my life’s path (she calls herself Friend) what was going on. She said my energy centers were being opened and reactivated. They had atrophied (At that time I didn’t know what a chakra was).

Because of these manipulations, which are actually on-going, I’m able to have all sorts of adventures in astral and etheric realms. I’ve never been frightened by any of these experiences, but then, I crave adventure like some people crave food or drink.

In 1995 I bought both your books, Communion and Transformation, and read the first one immediately. I found it troubling, and had a “visitor” experience as a result. For a long time I didn’t know if “Jack” really was an alien or if I was hallucinating. After a few years I thought maybe he was a Thought-form, created by others who had read the book with fearful thoughts. Quite recently, however, I realized who Jack really was, and the Nature Spirits confirm ithe was a Faery. Faeries are not little Nature Spirits, but flesh-&-blood humanoids who live in another dimension and who populate Irish legend. Faeries have a long history of abducting humans and messing with their minds. They can alter reality and their appearance at will and project mental images of themselves. Long ago they interacted and intermarried with humans. Like humans, some faeries have ill intent and others work toward enlightenment. The section in Transformation about visitors speaking Gaelic also points to faery involvement.

What I found upsetting in both books was your lumping together of aliens, angels, fairies, faeries and other beings of myth, calling them all visitors. It’s simply not true. Most of those beings are real and unique. They each have their own story to tell, and that’s what I intend to do–tell their stories in their own words.

A couple of days after I read Communion, my Water Sprites (little Nature Spirits of the water realm) informed me that some strange beings were hiding in my room. Strange like me, they meanthuman-like. I couldn’t see anybody, even looking astrally. I stamped my foot and ordered whoever was there to come out and answer for themselves.

Two beingsin astral, not physical, bodiescame out from behind my dresser, looking abject and embarrassed at being discovered. They looked similar to the pictures on the book covers, but not nearly so scary. Their eyes, though large, weren’t as big as in the pictures. They were a couple inches shorter than me, or about 5’4.” Their tight-fitting suits were of a soft, gray fabric.

Speaking telepathically, they admitted that they were spies and had come with the Strieber books. “Everybody who buys one of those books, gets one of us,” they said.

“Why” I asked.

“We’re looking for our own,” they explained cryptically.

I asked why they were picking on this author.

They laughed and said, “He’s one of us!”

I had no idea what they meant by that. Had they been genetically tampering with humans for such a long time

Furious that once again outsiders were interfering with human evolution, I (in my own astral body) grabbed them by their necks, shook them and threw them out the window!

They stayed there. Every time I went outside, I could see them huddled under separate bushes. After a few days sitting out in the cold Seattle rain, I took pity on them and brought them back inside to question them more closely. I asked why they had stayed here and didn’t go home once they were found out.

“We can’t go home,” said one.

“We weren’t supposed to be discovered,” said the other.

Our conversation didn’t last long. In the middle of a sentence, the two slender “aliens” disappearedyanked away, it looked like to me. I guessed someone didn’t want them talking to me. Leaving my physical body behind, I flew into the night sky to search for them. I easily found the disc- like “spaceship” that had sucked them up.

Enraged, I visualized myself enormously large. I grabbed the ship in both hands and shook it violently, while sending angry energy into it. Screams erupted from the ship. “They were my guests!” I shouted. “I invited them inside. You have no right to invade my home and take them away! Keep your hands off this planet!”

My anger expelled, I returned to my body and tried to process what had occurred. A few moments later, to my surprise, one of the aliens reappeared on the sofa across from me. Wringing his hands, he explained that he had slipped away from the ship during the disruption I had caused. He begged me to give him sanctuary. He knew I was capable of protecting him.

“What about your friend” I asked.

The alien snorted. “He’s not my friend. We just worked together.”

So I gave him sanctuary and put a protective dome over the house to prevent his people from yanking him away again. How could I refuse I knew he was a spy, but I had nothing to hide.

He asked me to call him “Jack.” (I thought the name oddly mundane for an alien being.) He said he wanted to learn about family life among humans. He had never known a family, but dreamed of having one himself some day.

I think Jack must have had some human DNA, because he was most definitely not emotionless. He spoke tearfully of a beloved one waiting for him somewhere. He got angry when I referred to him as a “gray.” He felt fear too.

I asked him if he had a solid physical body. He said it was safely hidden away, but he didn’t say where. I also asked where he slept at night. He said he slept in the closet of the computer room, which didn’t sound very comfortable to me. When I asked him about his home planet, he just muttered something about death and destruction.

At that time I was staying with my parents following my divorce. Jack considered my father a paragon of fatherhood. I got the feeling he was looking for a father role model, lacking one himself.

One day he asked if he could stay with the family across the street which had three young children. I couldn’t see any harm in it, so I took him over. However, one night a couple weeks later, the little daughter of the neighbor family came running over in her astral body (Her physical body was probably asleep).

“Please come for Jack!” she cried. “He needs your help!”

I followed her back to her house and found Jack cowering behind a sofa.

“You abandoned me!” he cried. “You left me here without any protection!”

Oops! I had forgotten to put a protective dome over the house. Quickly I did so, then hustled him back to my house while the little girl waved good-bye. Jack never did tell me what had so frightened him in that house, but he did say that the children’s father wasn’t nearly the paragon my father was.

When he had recovered, he asked if he could stay with my brother who lived a mile down the street with his wife. Jack had decided that my family was nicer than neighboring families and he could learn more admirable human qualities from us.

He didn’t stay long, however. A week later I heard him calling desperately for me. When I went to fetch him home, his eyes were round with terror. “Your brother is very nice,” he finally said, “but he has cats! CATS!” Jack shivered in fear at the word “cats.” How strange to be afraid of cats, I thought.

Afterwards I wondered why he always needed me to take him into homes. It seemed like he needed to be invited in, like the Strieber books were a form of invitation. It was another mystery. One day I told my parents and brother about Jack. They got very angry and told me not to speak of such things! They thought I was crazy or having a nervous breakdown, so I shut up.

Some time later I had a very strange adventure. It was a stormy night and my parents were away. The turbulence seemed more than just weatherthe dark vibration felt like a battle. As Jack huddled fearfully next to me in our well-lit kitchen, I took an astral look outside.

On the south side of the house I saw a large group of warriors in a churning mass. They could have been fighting each other, but they appeared to be attacking the house. Maybe they had come for Jack, I didn’t know, but I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer! I visualized myself as giant- sized and strode out of the house to face the warriors. They looked the size of rodents.

“Stop this!” I cried, waving my arms. “Leave us in peace!”

The warriors paused but still looked threatening. Overcome with rage, I reached down and grabbed several warriors in my hand, then stuffed them into my mouth. I actually ate them! The warriors yelped and scattered. I grabbed a few more as they ran away and ate them too. As the others fled, they yelled, “A monster! A foul demon!”

Shocked at my own actions, I shrank back into my physical body. The storm outside still blew, but the dark vibration was gone. Jack asked what had happened. I just shook my head in wonder. How much of what happened was real Could I have imagined it all Was Jack even real It seemed clear I had a lot of rage that only surfaced when I was in my astral body.

I was at a loss to explain that experience, and still am. Maybe some day I’ll understand.

Quite a while after that, Jack told me I was boring. That was a shock! Maybe it appeared to him that I just took walks or read or closed my eyes and disappeared; but I thought I led the most exciting life of anyone I know. I still do.

He couldn’t see the Nature Spirits or angels or wonderful adventures I went on. He could only see things at his own or denser vibrations, like humans, but nothing at a higher vibration.

Eventually he just disappeared, and it didn’t surprise me. An angel had told me that Jack only cared about one person himself.

I hope, though, that he may have learned something during his time with me. I also hopeif he is actually real and if I’m not actually crazyto see Jack again some day.

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