Dave Louthan, the man who slaughtered the cow in Washington State that started the Mad Cow madness, has a chilling update on his website.

He writes: Hi there, Dave Louthan here. See I told ya we’d get it figured out. J. Patrick Boyle, CEO of AMI (The American Meat Institute), is slapping (Secretary of Agriculture) Ann Veneman around like a rag doll. Get the Canadian border open and do it now. He says he wants to do it to spur all foreign countries into buying our meat but the fact is he’s got a lot of beef standing up there eating hay and getting to fat to sell.

I told everybody the meat people only had until calving season to get this fixed. That time is now upon us. All that inventory they have been holding back to keep the prices up must move now to make room for all the new feeders popping out now, today. Take a drive in the country and start counting calves. They are everywhere. The dam is breaking. J. Patrick says we’re not testing our cows and youre going to eat them whether you like it or not. He’s mad. He was forced to show his hand. He’s the one who pulls Ann’s strings.

At a press conference at AMI friday John Stewart, CEO of Creekstone Farms, said he will test all his beef whether the USDA approves or not. J. Patrick said, No, youre not. John Stewart said we’ll have to agree to disagree. J. Patrick said we’ll have a private meeting when the reporters go home. It’s all on the Meating Place website. Check it out.

Here’s the deal: J. Patrick demands that Ann Veneman declare Canada a low risk country even though they have had a couple of mad cows already. (NOTE: the mad cow Dave slaughtered was born in Canada and shipped from there to Vern’s Moses Lake Meats, where Dave worked). She will do that. All those cows will start coming down here in droves. J. Patrick will demand the U.S. Gov’t start punishing all the countries that refuse our meat with trade embargoes, high tariffs and withholding of foreign aid. Mexico and some of the smaller countries will cave in to pressure. Japan and South Korea will not.

There will be a huge surplus of fat cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Prices will continue to plummet. All the smaller feedlots will go under right away. They will demand subsidies. The American taxpayer, you, will pick that up. The Gov’t is already broke. George W. spent all the money beating up Saddam. Higher taxes will be necessary. In the meantime, we have a whole bunch of diseased cattle the powers that be don’t want to do any thing about. They just want to play tycoon.

Youre not going to get sick for a while, so unlike lysteria, E- coli, and salmonella, they can simply push it under the rug in the name of Profit. If this was a disease you got today and died from tomorrow, it would be a whole different ball game. As long as Joe Average is getting his bills paid on time and watching the evening news, which is completely devoid of any Mad Cow reports, he’ll be content to sit there munching on contaminated beef and pretending that BSE is something that happens somewhere else. Besides, it’s perfectly safe and risk freethe Gov’t said so. Time after time.

When all those poor smucks start getting sick and are lying in the hospital with tubes running out their noses, all of todays beef tycoons will be lying on private beaches in the South Pacific sucking down Margaritas and laughing about the time they tricked America into eating diseased meat and paying good money for the privilege. My God, why doesn’t some body wake up the American people. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, where are you This is your job. If you want to be the reporters of the news, stop worrying about your sponsors and behave with Honor and start damn well reporting the news. Hello, there is a story here. Thank you for your time.

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Dave Louthan, the man who slaughtered the cow in Washington State that started the Mad Cow madness, has a chilling update for us.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.