Melissa wrote us a new Communion Letter about an experience she remembers from long ago. She says: Back in 1995, I happened to read a few lines of yours that I found shocking and wanted to write to you then, but, of course, life got “in the way,” and I never did. This time I decided I just had to contact you.

About 20 years ago, I had the experience of seeing 6 tall, very trim beings marching in tight, two-by-two unison up the central staircase of my home. I had just awakened from a nap upstairs at the opposite end of the hallway and I heard this metallic clumping coming up the bare-wood staircase. I was immediately paralyzed, not by fear, but by some kind of force and was had an out-of-body experience. I was floating in the hallway upstairs and I could see the 6 of them in their white suits and helmets coming up the steps. At the same time, my body was still on the bed, where I was being forced to see kaleidoscopic lights and hear horrible buzzing and whining noises. I knew they were coming for me, but I didnt know why. I was struggling to move, because my nose was being pushed down into my pillow with great force on the back of my neck.

These 6 beings stood in tight formation around me as I lay on the queen-sized bed. Some of them were standing right through the bed itself. Before they had reached the top of the steps, I had gone back into my body, and I was experiencing the force of paralysis and pain in my neckI was mad as hell. I mentally told them, “Let me go, g-damn it! Let me go!!” They were almost robotic in natureI sensed no compassion, no empathy and no communication. It was if they had come for a purpose. The experience ended just as fast as it started. I was “let go” and they disappeared. I had felt nothing coming from themno i probes, etc. But they were not benevolent. I had the feeling I was like a hog-tied sheep about to be sheared and branded but not really harmed in any significant way. For years I could not admit to myself that this really happened.

The next thing I knew, I end up in the hospital, aborting the remains of my 4-month-old pregnancy. Here’s the odd part: the doctor could not explain why only placental tissue was found upon microscopic exam of the remains. There was absolutely no fetus. I had been under her care since February, having gotten pregnant in the last week of January. Can you imagine how we felt when, after planning for this baby for months, we were told we had a placenta but no child

During this time period of 1983-1985, we experienced several bizarre incidents. In one of them, my son claimed to have seen a large greenish object hovering over the house some months prior to my out of-body-experience. Like any distracted parent might do when a 10-year-old came rushing in with this news, I gently dismissed him.

My life returned to normal until 1998. Around 10 p.m.on a clear, mild, beautiful October evening, (almost 14 years to the day that the non-existing child should have been born), I was outside looking at the stars, when out of the Northeast came a beautiful large ship. It headed right towards me and I got a magnificent view of it approaching. It banked right over my head and then silently (except for low hum) sailed off in a slightly different direction. This thing was huge and couldn’t have been more than a few hundred feet over my head. It first appeared to be a black triangle and was close enough for me to make out unlighted metal circles on the bottom of the craft. then I realized then it was more of an elongated pentagon/arrowhead shape. At first I was afraid, but I rapidly overcame it and raced to the front yard and began waving and jumping up and down and yelling, trying to communicate with it. I saw strobing white, red and blue banks of lights on each forward side of the triangular. My dog saw and heard the ship as well.

I’m one of those people who used to think UFOers were zealot crackpots. I was even angry at my parents as a child for perpetrating the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny ideas when I found out they weren’t true.

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Melissawrote us a newCommunionLetter about an experience she remembers from 20 years ago.She writes: I had the experience of seeing 6 tall, very trimbeings marching in tight, two-by-two unison up the centralstaircase of my home. I was floating in the hallway upstairsand I could see the 6 of them in their white suits andhelmets coming up the steps. I knew they were coming for me,but I didn’t know why.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.