As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, “Jeremy” talks about his own meeting with the Master of the Key.

He writes: I had an experience with my girlfriend during the summer of 1997 that she remembers as a dream and I remember as something a little more like a visitor experience, though not a bad one. I think it may have been similar to your Key experience. She remembers waking up and seeing me sitting on the couch, talking to a man. She doesnt remember much else, except that she saw him levitate two books off my bookshelf and float them to him, and some stuff he said about not letting money change me.

I remember a good bit more, although nowhere near all of it. The first thing I remember, actually, is being aware that I was sitting naked on my couch talking to a man, who I seemed to know very well, though I dont know how I knew him. I suddenly began to realize, I think, that this wasnt a dream and I was totally naked (I used to sleep this way). I remember him immediately handing me one of my pillows from my couch so I could cover myself, and I did.

He then began asking about whether I believed in aliens, and I said Yes, absolutely and I talked on about how obvious it all was and how there was obviously a serious cover-up going on, etc. I also remember my responses seemed to please him, because his eyes glimmered, like he was proud of me. I dont remember what he was wearing, other than his shoes seemed cool to me. He may have been wearing dark slacks.

Anyway, he then immediately asked me what I thought of Atlantis, and I said, I think its a bunch of crap. At the time, I didnt believe in Atlantis or past advanced civilizations, though I very much do now. Anyway, I remember the look in his eyes again, and he looked every-so-slightly disappointed. I then said, after reading his expression, that I could be wrong. He didnt respond to this, though, and he immediately asked me another question, which I dont remember.

In fact, I only remember bits and pieces after this, and they may be out of order. I remember him telling me that the world was about to end, and me getting this dark, sinking feeling in my stomach. I asked him how and he told me it was the environment. I then remember whining and saying that people were changing and recycling more etc. and he only said, gently, that its not enough. I remember crying at this point, really sobbing. And he told me that we could do something to change it, but it was up to us and we may not make it.

We also spoke about my life and my future some and I only remember a few details, and most of these were personal, so I wont mention them here, what little I remember. During this conversation, at some point, I also remember him telling me that we needed to follow the signposts. I know he told you this, also, which shocked me when I first read your book back in 2001. At that point, I wasnt ready to admit that I may have had a similar experience, so I didn’t tell anyone, and my girlfriend to this day doesnt even know about your book The Key, or take the experience too seriously.

There were other little snippets that I remember, again of a more personal nature, about my girlfriend and me, etc. I wont go into detail about these either, but I will say that at some point a dark-haired lady appeared to turn over my girlfriend, because she was snoring (and I was worried that she might be choking). I remember the man looking at my worried expression and smiling, and saying, Shes fine, shes just snoring. When she continued snoring he then said, Shell take care of her. And I immediately realized that there was a dark-haired woman stepping around my futon and flipping my girlfriend on her side, gently, by her arm. I dont know how she got in the room. It wasnt through the door, Im almost positive. Both of these people were human, by the way, though I didnt see the ladys face.

I remember toward the end of it all, I was climbing back into my futon, and I kept asking worried questions about everything he had told me, and he said, Go to sleep, Jeremy. He then said something about the importance of belief, which spawned a brief conversation about beliefs manifesting reality, which I had been reading about at the time. It was then that he floated two books off my bookshelf and flipped through them, saying something about the teachings in these books being true. I am almost 100% positive they were my two Seth books, The Nature of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks.

I also forgot to mention that at some point we talked about you, Whitley, although I dont remember the details. I only remember that he said you were a very brave man. I remember asking, You know Whitley Strieber And he said Of course. And I remember feeling, for a second or two, star-struck by this man…and then he said something that doused my hero-worship immediately, though I dont remember what it was.

At the end, when I was lying in bed and he was telling me to go to sleep, I remember asking him if I would remember any of this, and he said, Youll remember meaning that I would remember it all eventually. I remember having an unsettling feeling of going to sleep, knowing that the person I was at that moment and all of my memories from that night would be clouded in a dream-like fog. Going to sleep sort of felt like dying for that reason, and I remember going to sleep telling myself, I wont forget, I wont forget, I wont forget. When I woke up the next morning, and I only remembered a few bits and pieces. This is why I was shocked when my girlfriend began talking about her dream about the man floating the books, etc.

There are many other little snippets that Ive left out, because Im not 100% sure I didnt imagine them after reading your book The Key. I do vaguely remember being handed something in one of my drinking glasses and joking that it looked like bull sperm. I may even remember drinking it and that it tasted awful and organic, in a living sense, like bull sperm would probably taste. I also vaguely remember that his shoes may have been slip-on shoes, similar to Birkenstock-type shoes, though dark and a little different. I may have imagined this as well, however, because I read on your website about the lady from La Jolla who picked up the hitchhiker, and she said he was wearing slip-on shoes.

There are also vague disjointed memories of driving in my car with him, and he was driving, though this could have been a dream. There is another snippet of standing next to my parked car and seeing UFOs in the night sky. I remember asking, Why cant anyone else see these and someone told me that we were on a level just above normal earth consciousness, or something like that.

There was another snippet where I remember something being done to my tooth. This is very vague, but interestingly, my girlfriend and I both noticed very small and sharp chips taken from our bottom teeth on the same morning. The memory of the man making a guttural noise containing lateral information is equally vague, and I dont know why I remembered you mentioning it.

An interesting note: the man, whoever he was, implied that my girlfriend and I would be together at some point in the future. We actually broke up in 1999 and I lost touch with her when she went back to Europe. Anyway, she called me last year and we began talking again, and just this past September until two weeks ago, she came over and stayed with me, and we got back together.

We talked about this experience some while she was here, and like I said, she remembers only a few things, like the floating books, and she remembers it all as a dream. She knows I have an interest in such things though, and that Ive had unexplained experiences my whole life. My family members and friends also know about my strange experiences, and some have had their own experiences. My sister had her foot grabbed the other night, twice, which spawned a conversation about this.

I have had a few strange experiences of cars following me, that sort of thing, over the years, and I know that its related to my interest in aliens, etc. I have even had a few subtle threats. I also believe, however, that there is good out there, even within the government, and that many are beginning to realize the importance of honesty.

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As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, “Jeremy” talks about his own meeting with the Master of the Key.

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