I began digging into the Maya civilization in 1978 while on tour visiting archaeological ruins in Mexico. My investigations lasted about a year and when I returned I resolved to find out why the year 2012 held any significance.

Well, the answers came with much perseverance and I must admit the research was painfully slow and often tedious. Worse yet, it often ended up going nowhere. Then 2 years ago the light came shining down, the doors of perception opened up and I got it all in one fell swoop. At this point, I realize it just had to be that way. The timing had not been right before then.

So what is 2012 all about Should we be concerned Boiled down to the basics it is about two things: 1) the sunspot cycle and 2) the transit of Venus. This author, like many authors, went down a series of metaphysical and occult pathways that were really blind alleys. The ancient solar priests were concerned with what their name impliedthe sun. The Mayan scientists, and they were scientists, knew that the sun had short and long-term cycles, periods when solar output waxes and wanes.

They called out current sun, the 5th Sun, or the Sun-of-Wind (motion) and they said it would end like the previous Sun-of-Water only instead of deluge it would with mounting earthquakes. Yes, we should be concerned. My research led me to intense studies of the sunspot cycle to see if there was any correlation to natural disasters or human behavior. I found them. In fact, numerous independent investigators have linked solar maximums, which occur every 11.5 years, to increased human conflict.

It has been dubbed the “War Cycle”. In other words if we go back through history we find that major wars, including civil wars, occur in tandem with peaks in solar output. Needless to say, my wake call came when I realized that 2012 is the year of the next solar maximum. The 9/11 attack, numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the Afghan war occurred during the previous sunspot peak. The first Iraq war, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo happened in the one prior to that (mentioning but a sampling of key events).

That sun has impact on the earth and human energy levels should come as no surprise. Scientists track solar activity every day because flares can cause magnetic storms on earth and they can disrupt telecommunications systems and satellites. This too takes place during solar maximums, the roughly 3-year phases when sunspots peak.

The transit of Venus came as an even bigger shock. The central role this planet plays in Mayan cosmology has always mystified scholars and freelance historians. When I discovered back in 2002 that the transit of Venus was going to occur in 2004-2012, the light bulb went on. I dug deeply into historical research to see what events were associated, including natural disasters, with transit back through time.

My findings startled me and formed the basis of several articles that were published in Atlantis Rising last year, predicting a rise in natural disasters following the June transit. Whitley had me on his program a month before the December tsunami and we discussed some of these issues. Now, I have posted these articles on my web site as well as a chapter of the recently completed book: GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION: The 2012 Countdown. Go to www.genesisrace.com to view these files.

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