As part of our new Communion Letters series, “Fred” writes us from British Columbia where Brian Vike has been reporting on an incredible wave of UFO and abduction activity.

He writes: In the late 60’s I was traveling with my sister to Canada to meet my mother at a small logging town in British Colombia called Eggmont. Our VW bus broke down at a ferry landing a few miles short of our destination and we decided to camp out until we could find a mechanic. While we waited I got to know the night security guard at the landing and, as usual, found out that I had much in common with him. His name was Sam and he had met one of the Men in Black. Sam told me that it happened at an airport in Canada as he was about to take a shuttle flight to visit his family. Just as the flight was about to board he was approached by a very pale- skinned man dressed all in black. The man, a total stranger, told him that if he got on the plane, he would die. Sam wasn’t easily convinced but he said that there was something about the man that led him to believe he should listen to him. The plane took off, lost an engine, turned back to the airport and barely cleared a cliff at the end of the runway. Had Sam and his baggage been on the plane it would have hit the cliff, killing everyone on board.

Until that time I hadn’t heard of the Men in Black but it wasn’t to be my last contact with them. Sam and I got to know each other pretty quickly and he took me out on his fishing trawler to go out after Salmon in the Princess Elizabeth straits. It was on this trip that he told me about all of the UFO sightings they had been having in that area. He said that that year six fishing trawlers had been lost unexplainably after reporting, on the radio, that they had sighted some kind of lights under the water. Sam heard one of the radio reports during which a trawler had sighted the lights under the water and was dropping a line off their fishing boom to see if they could snag whatever it was. The skipper reported that they had caught the object but that it was now towing them out into the channel. Contact was lost with the trawler. A search later located the sunken trawler but there were no bodies found. He also told me of a local doctor who was traveling home with his wife and witnessed a craft rise up out of the sea and fly off around a point of land. Sadly the doctor reported the incident to the local authorities and faced such ridicule he suffered a psychological breakdown and was forced to quit his practice.

Sam also told me about a race of giants that had once inhabited that area of Canada. He described them as having golden skin and having a technology more advanced than ours. I’m not sure how he learned about the giants but it is interesting that the subject has once again surfaced.

In the 70s, I was working in Hollywood at a place called the Magical Mystery Museum just off Hollywood Blvd. It’s a combination tourist trap, herb and magic store run by E.J. Gold. EJ is the son of H.L. Gold, editor of Galaxy Magazine, a pulp science fiction magazine. The Magical Mystery Museum was quite an operation and attracted quite a few interesting people. One of those people was Sharon Tate. This is where the story takes a strange twist. I didn’t know that Sharon Tate had been a student of EJ’s until I told him about something that had happened to me much earlier. I had been experiencing spontaneous OBE’s for many years and had developed an interest in the paranormal. One night I experienced the most frightening lucid dream. I was awakened (in my dream) by a bright light shining in my face. I realized that I was lying on my back on cold damp grass. There was a concrete or stone pathway next to me leading up to a house. I was terrified because I knew I was dying. I didn’t know my attacker but I knew others were involved and others had died in the house. I awoke (in reality) in a cold sweat and in what I can only describe as complete terror. Needless to say I grabbed a baseball bat and checked the house turning on every light. I thought, while I was waking, that someone had come in the house and shined a flashlight in my face. I got no sleep that night. The next morning I got up, went out and grabbed the paper, sat down with my coffee and saw the banner headlines about the Tate murder. As I read the article a cold shock hit me…the description of the house and the path leading to the house were the same as what I had experienced in my dream. I could be wrong (my memory of it has faded over the years) but I believe one of the bodies was found outside next to the walkway. If not, it doesn’t totally discount what happened since my dream and their murders happened at exactly the same time. I did check that out.

Later, we had been working as consultants to Universal Studios on an episode of “Name of the Game” called “The Tarot” and had had our pictures in Life or Look magazine (an issue focusing on Witchcraft) and we were getting some notoriety. Our classes were filling up and the Friday night séances were packed…until one very interesting night. I had a bad feeling about that night. Something felt wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The crowd that had assembled for our regular Friday night séance felt a little strange…unbalanced. The energy felt all wrong but I put it out of my mind and sat down in the room on the floor with everyone else. EJ was leading the session and as usual, cracking jokes. He did have a superb sense of humor. He lit the candle in the center of the room and turned out the lights. I was getting quietly bored and not focusing on anything in particular until there was a burst of light from the candle. It looked like blue pentacles flying out from the center of the room where the candle was. That really caught my attention since nothing like that had ever happened in any of the usually boring sessions. I said “oh shit” in concert with EJ who was just as surprised as I was.

The next thing that happened was even stranger…it was though a sound blanket had been thrown over the building. Normally we could clearly hear the sounds of traffic on Hollywood Blvd. but not now. Dead silence…not a car, truck or bus could be heard. Then I watched as three very large shadows walked into the room. They weren’t just black shadows, they seemed to suck up what little light was still coming through the skylight. The candle had blown out with the burst of blue light. Imagine, if you will, being in a room that is almost black and seeing three very large shadows walk into the room that are blacker than black. Not a good sign at all. Both EJ and I uttered “oh SHIT” again and all hell broke loose. There were bodies flying everywhere and screams and you could feel the floor shake from the impact of people hitting hard (fortunately it was thickly carpeted). I actually saw EJ launched up into the iron bars under the skylight. I heard him hit the floor hard. The skylight was a good 12 feet above us and that had to hurt. In fact he cracked two ribs when he hit the floor. Now you might ask where I was during all of thiswell, I had backed up against one wall and was trying to make myself as invisible as humanly possible. For whatever reason, and I still haven’t a clue why, I was never touched. Maybe I didn’t rate the rough treatment everyone else got…I don’t know. Finally things settled down enough that I could make my way over to the light switch and turned on the lights and got the door open. I’ve never seen a group of people clear a room that fast. All of them were obviously shaken by the experience and many of them never came back to the classes. The funny thing, at least I found it funny, was that just before the séance EJ had given a class in psychic self-defense. I guess someone wanted to teach him a lesson. His body was covered with triangular scratches. They weren’t made by fingernails, at least not fingernails I’ve ever seen.

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As part of our new Communion Letters series, “Fred” writes us from British Columbia, where Brian Vike has been reporting on an incredible wave of UFO and abduction activity (his second report for subscribers will be up November 29). To read Fred’s amazing real-life adventures, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.