In the aftermath of the attack on America many are reflecting on the meaning of life, the meaning of our way of life, and whether we are as culpable in the act as those who terrorizes us. There are many opinions. And, except for those Palestinians in Lebanon who seem to have rejoiced over our tragedy, most are shocked and dismayed at the brazen act of these forces of terrorism. Pardon me if I quote from an ancient source of wisdom, the Dhammapada wherein Buddha is quoted as saying, “For hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love. This is an eternal law. Many do not realize that we must all come to an end here; but those who do realize this, end their quarrels at once.” And he who came in peace said that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. Despite words from the Great Ones, humankind persists in its follys. We must advance spiritually and socially if we are to reach the stars or we might not survive long enough to land our spaceships on distant worlds. What must we do now, as a people, as a nation

We must change our thinking before it is too late. A friend of mine just informed me that he received a call to report to the entrance of an underground bunker. He has a JEEP Level 2 card that assures him sanctuary after those who have a Level 1 card are safe. This is part of the COG (Continuity of Government program) instituted by the National Program Office. When there is a national emegency FEMA takes charge. My friend said that those who contacted him were worried about war breaking out in the MidEast and the possibility of escalation. He has not gone to his assigned place yet and is monitoring the news very closely. Should the rest of us worry about war the economy We do anyway, but now we have an opportunity to reflect and think. We cannot save those who died in that horrible tragedy at the World Trade Center. It is inconceivable to even contemplate being at Ground Zero. Life must go on for the rest of us. And what about those UFOs we are so fond of Have intelligent observers now familiar with humankind looked at our broadcasts, the pain, the tragedy What do they feel if anything There is some evidence that we were being observed closely in all the great wars. Have some of them also passed through our stages of evolution and strife What can we eventually learn from them and the greater arena of life in the universe After the atomic bomb Einstein said that everything had changed but our thinking. Perhaps it is now time to change our thinking. Peace, Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International Inc

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