Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, urges President Obama to continue moon missions as an important flight destination for testing advanced, next generation rocket propulsion systems, and close-to-home team building.

Mitchell, a strong proponent of a manned mission to Mars, sees moon missions as prerequisite for testing spacecraft propelled by advanced propulsion systems such as zero point energy, which are capable of eventual travel to Mars and deeper into space.

Mitchell confirms that, “It is the destiny of humans to, as Obama said, ‘live beyond earth for extended periods of time, even indefinitely.'”

He commends Obama’s decision to strengthen the private sectors’ role in the space program, and says, “The intellectual energy of scientists and inventors as well as private entrepreneurs will catapult Earth’s people into a space-faring race.”

Mitchell is an expert in advanced propulsion systems, such as zero point energy. Through his foundation Quantrek.org, Mitchell collaborates with progressive scientists and experts in the field of consciousness as well as other applications of frontier science emerging from discovery of zero point energy.

As an authority in consciousness, Mitchell is sensitive to the powerful role of the mind in focusing humanity?s evolution as an off-planet species. He believes that “Exoconsciousness, the off-planet, extraterrestrial component of human consciousness, pulls us into our destiny in space.”

Like Obama, Mitchell agrees that global collaboration and peaceful space exploration are fundamental directives of our space program, and says, “I commend Obama’s refocusing of the space program from adversarial to a global collaborative effort.”

As an astronaut whose relationship to NASA spans 44 years, Mitchell affirms Obama’s commitment to strengthening manned space programs. He says, “When Obama announced that ‘nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human space exploration of space than I am,’ I was relieved. I felt the cumulative excitement of every child whose dream is to become an astronaut.”

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