As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, “Jennifer” tells of being put through a baffling series of physical “exercises,” then being shown a secretthat in order to learn more, she needed to resist them. She writes: Only one other persona fellow abducteeknows about what’s in this letter. It concerns one of my most recent visitor contacts, which took place in my home in the early morning hours of July 29, 2003. I was fully conscious when this encounter began. In fact, I was awakened by the presence of the visitors in my bedroom. I was lying on my back at the time.

My impressions during the first few seconds of the encounter were that I saw five visitors at the foot of my bed, just clearly enough to know how many there were. From their size and shape, I guessed they were grays. I’m assuming they “fuzzed themselves out” so I couldn’t get a good look at their featuresthey appeared almost two dimensional, like cut-outs, and looked like they were made of that green glow- in-the-dark plastic used for children’s’ monster toys and Halloween accessories.

The rest of the experience was divided into four distinct sections, each punctuated by an energy pulse.

I’m sure you’ve seen those neck pillows that look like donuts with a small wedge cut outthey wrap around your neck as you lean back into them, usually while traveling by car or plane. I mention this because, right after I woke up and saw the visitors, I felt what seemed like a strong energy field suddenly activate around the upper part of my head, and the area it covered seemed to be roughly the size and shape of one of those donut neck pillows. It was quite intense, and buzzed so hard I could feel my teeth vibrating against each other.

This was the first of four such energy bursts, which I’m assuming were meant to alter my consciousness in some way, or perhaps to remove my fear. During this first one, I heard a loud beeping noise off to my left, roughly in the area of my purse, which I always keep beside the bed at night. My cell phone rests in a small fabric loop on the purse, and I sometimes use it as an alarm clock to wake me for work. The beeping noise I heard sounded exactly like the one produced by the cell phone when the alarm goes off. However, having been unemployed since July 11, I had no reason to set my alarm, and would never set it for such an early hour anyway. (This was in the wee hours of the morning.)

My best guess is that the alarm was set off by their presence, or one of them had a device that made a similar noise. I remember turning my head to the left and trying to reach for my phone to turn it off, but I was unable to move. When I came to after the encounter, I checked my phone and found that it had turned itself off due to a low battery.

A second, and longer, energy burst hit me then. When it ended, my left arm was lifted up by an invisible force so that my fingertips were pointing straight up at the ceiling. Then it started slowly rotating, as if an unseen nurse were putting me through gentle range-of-motion exercises. I watched this with growing amusement, wondering what in the hell this arm- waving stuff was about. I laughed and mentally said something like, “Great. You can move my arm around. I’m soooo impressed.” I said this in a playful, teasing tone, and I felt a wave of mental laughter coming from the visitors as they stood around my bed watching this. As in many of my recent encounters, I could “hear” their thoughts and emotions as they mentally communicated with each other.

Then came the third energy burst, and I found both my arms in the air, gently windmilling in opposite directions above me. I remember worrying that my right arm would hit my husband and wake him up. I laughed harder this timethis really was very funny to me. I saw no point in the visitors coming here merely to show me that they could make my arms flap around. Once again, I teasingly thought something to the effect of, “Oh, wowyou can make both of them move. Now I’m really impressed.”

The visitors responded with even greater humor than before, while communicating to me that I wasn’t quite “getting it.” “Not getting what” I asked them mentally. “This is silly. What exactly am I supposed to be learning here”

Then they made my husband sing. Loudly, and on key. For the record, he can’t carry a tune to save his lifeyet there he lay, eyes closed (still asleep, I assume), singing at the top of his lungs and actually sounding good. I don’t know what they made him sing, but I think it was something silly. I know he sang about something orange, and that’s all I remember.

The visitors let me know that they were making him do this, and that they could make anyone do anything they wanted, at any time, just as they’d made my arms move around. They also pointed out that, as he was unconscious, he was unable to stop them. He turned over in his sleep, and I remember that he briefly opened his eyes and looked at me, then appeared to go back to sleep. I was laughing very hard at his impromptu performance, and shook him to wake him up again.

“Honey, wake up,” I managed between gasps of laughter. “They made you sing.”

Suddenly, I understoodthey wanted me to resist them. It was a test.

At that moment, I was hit by the fourth and final energy burst, and both my arms went up in the air again, pulled by the same invisible force. This time, however, I made fists and curled my arms inward as hard as I could against the force. To my amazement, it worked, even though the force was incredibly strong, and I ended up with my fists touching my chest.

The visitors practically erupted in a wave of mental elation at my success. Their silent laughter bubbled through me, making me laugh out loud. I got a mental image of them jumping up and down around the bed and clapping their hands. I felt that they were quite proud of me, and “heard” one of them say to the others, “See I told you she could do it!”

I remember wondering if I’d really done anything that special. The force I’d struggled against was quite strong, and overcoming it was almost too easy. I didn’t know if that was due to my mental and physical strength, or if they’d simply allowed it to happen in order to make me feel I’d accomplished something.

Now one of them, still standing at the foot of the bed, started pulling my covers off. I was in an even more playful mood now that I knew what they wanted from me, so I laughed, grabbed the covers and yanked them back up, thinking, “So! you wanna play that game, eh Ok, I can do that.”

Another wave of laughter from the visitors, with a sprinkling of thoughts like, “Yep, she’s got the idea now, alright.” They seemed pleased that I continued to resist them, and seemed to consider it a sign of strength and independence. They were also very pleased that I wasn’t afraid.

Then I felt a hand on my lower back, just above my right hip, as one of them pushed me to turn me on my left side. In the spirit of “resistance,” I pushed back, refusing to be turned. More mental laughter from them, along with various humorous comments on my “persistence.” Eventually I did get turned on my side, so that I lay facing the bathroom door. Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, I whipped my right hand behind me and grabbed the hand of the being who was pushing on my back.

This seemed to really surprise themI felt their murmurs of amazement. What surprised me, though, was the fact that the being whose hand I grabbed didn’t try to get away. Instead, it closed its hand around mine and held on as tightly as I did.

I’ve been thinking of how I should describe what this being’s hand felt like in mine. I’ll give it a shot, but I doubt I can do it justice. If you split your fingers into a “Vulcan V” and curl your fingers up on either side of my wrist, so that two of your fingers are on either side of it, youll know approximately how I grasped the being’s hand, although we never actually stood face to face.

Given the construction and size of human hands, this would be physically impossible unless mine were the size of a child’s in relation to yours. Which it was, in relation to that of the being I held onto. Plus, it had only three fingers, so two of them were on one side of my wrist, with the remaining one on the other. Its hand was thin enough that I was able to close my fingers around it and feel my fingertips and thumb touch on the other side. Its “palm” felt like two lengths of pipe arranged side by side underneath its skin. I felt no real flesh to speak ofjust the two bones (if that’s what they were) with tough, warm skin stretched over and clinging to them. The bones felt so delicate to me, I was afraid to grip too hard, for fear of breaking them. The skin itself was very warm and alive, and felt like a curious, slightly rough blend of rubber and leather. Its fingers were very longso long that their tips touched my knuckles as they curled back over my hand.

After I grabbed its hand, the being levitated me of the bed, and we started floating towards the bathroom door. I kept trying to turn around and look at it, but it wouldn’t let me. I asked it repeatedly to please let me see its face, but to no avail. I peppered the poor thing with rapid-fire mental questions: Who are you Can you tell me your name Where are we going Why are we going through the bathroom Are you a blue or a gray

It was highly amused by this last question, which I asked several times. Finally, it responded with a mental image that looked like 3D computer desktop wallpaper in the form of densely-packed light blue bubbles, each with a brilliant dot of royal blue on top of it. I assumed this meant that the being was a blue, but the hand I held felt more like that of a gray (or what I guessed the hand of a gray would feel like). The being communicated to me that I was placing too much importance on its identity, and that it had sent me the image as a joke.

All of a sudden, I found myself in what looked like outer space, surrounded by star systems as far as the eye could see. “I think you know what to do here,” the being thought to me.

“Yeah, I do remember,” I thought back. Without really knowing how I did it, I willed myself forward, faster and faster, until I was flying past stars at an unbelievable speed, so fast that they became mere streaks of light. Whole galaxies whipped by as my speed increased. I was having the time of my life. I felt as though the force behind my flight was centered in my solar plexus, and got a great thrill there every time I pushed myself to go faster. The whole time, I felt the being still holding my hand.

Then, just as suddenly as the flight had begun, it ended. Just like that. The stars went still, and I felt suspended in midair. I looked around and wondered if I’d reached terminal velocity, or if I really had come to a stop. At some point during my musings, I felt the being let go of my hand. I remember I looked up and noticed that my bangs were fluttering as if ruffled by a gentle breeze. I could see the golden gleam of my hair as it moved up and down in the light.

I thought, “Light What light” I checked again, and the light in question seemed to be coming from above, and off to my right, but I couldn’t find the source. “There’s no light like that in space,” I thought. That’s when it occurred to me that I might be in some kind of virtual reality simulation, probably for testing purposes.

I started wondering where my guide had gone, and sort of “heard” it somewhere behind me as it communicated with another, saying something like, “The test is over, she passed.” That’s the impression I got, at least.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed, lying on my left side. I felt extremely relaxed, as I always do after an encounter. They do something special to relax my muscles when they visitwith some kind of energy field, not quite as intense as the one they use on my head. It seems to be on a different frequency. I’ve felt them do it beforeIm just lying in bed, I feel it hit me, and my whole body just sags into the mattress like a sack of wet laundry. This always surprises me, since I think I’m already relaxed and comfortable, and can’t possibly be any more so. (I have lots of trouble with back and shoulder pain, and this energy of theirs is always good for at least a couple of days’ worth of relief. I wish they’d do it more oftenI could sure use it.)

As soon as I was able, I called my friend in New York City (the abductee I mentioned at the beginning of this letter), and discussed the incident in detail with him. This helped me remember a lot of details that otherwise would have gone by the wayside. Like me, he is a lifelong contactee/abductee, only his experiences (those he remembers, anyway) have been of a medical nature, and the visitors’ treatment of him has been much more rough and less interactive, much as researchers would handle a lab rat.

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As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, Jennifer writes: “My impressions during the first few seconds of my encounter were that I saw five visitors at the foot of my bed, just clearly enough to know how many there were. From their size and shape, I guessed they were grays.” She tells of being put through a baffling series of physical “exercises,” then being shown a secret?that in order to learn more, she needed to resist them.

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