Norwegian television reports that there are fewer UFO reports in Norway than there used to be. The opposite seems to be the case in Louisiana and Canada, which have had more reports than ever before. We really can’t tell how many UFOs are seen, since most witnesses want to avoid ridicule or don’t know where to report their sightings. “People think it’s embarrassing to go public with such observations,” says Norwegian UFO reseacher Leif-Norman Solhaug. “It is important that we are taken seriously. Many of the observations reported are of a complicated nature and are difficult to explain.”

Unlike Norway, Canada had a record number of sightings in 2003, according to the a report by Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM). There were 673 UFO sightings reported in Canada at the rate of almost two a day. This was almost 40% more than were reported in 2002, and the number of sightings in Canada has increased 350% since 1998.

UFOROM director Chris Rutkowski says, “People continue to report observing unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations.” Many of the witnesses are pilots and police officers. Canada sightings can be reported to 1-866-262-1989.

Andrew Griffin occasionally reports on UFO sightings Louisiana, in, where he writes about a UFO that was recently seen hovering over western Rapides Parish in central Louisiana. Eight-year-old Michael Robichaux looked out of his window and saw something that “looked like a planet with all these little lights all around it.” The object shot off at incredible speed.

His half brother and aunt also saw it, and he later discovered that his grandmother, Geri Gauthier, saw it as well. Gauthier was driving home from work the same night when she saw a large, brightly-lit craft hovering just above the treeline close to the highway intersection. “I saw it hovering over the trees,” she says. “It had a silverish color to it and was an oblong shape. There were also all of these lights all around it. It was just hovering there. I sat there in the car and was just so shocked. It then just shot off into the sky.”

She told her husband when she returned, and also told her daughter Riddle, who then told her son Michael. When Michael heard about his grandmother?s sighting, he told about his own, on the same night.

The only reason we know about it is because Riddle took the time to file an online sighting report at the National UFO Reporting Center and Griffin was brave enough to write about it.

There were half as many sightings reported in Norway in 2003 than in 2002?but that doesn’t mean UFOs have stopped flying over the country. Therese Olavsrud and Carin Pettersson quote UFO reseacher Leif-Norman Solhaug as saying, “Maybe people are just fed up with the hysteria. The 26 observations that were reported in 2002 were a decrease from the years before. There have normally been a number of observations made in northern Norway, but it has not turned. There is a weak decline in the rest of the country too.”

Despite the decline in reports, Norwegians are still seeing strange objects in the sky. A rocket-shaped UFO was seen in one city, while a huge boomerang-shaped object was observed in another. A sighting of two “stars” that rotated around each other was also reported. A recent report describes a lighted object blinking in several different colors and making a loud sound.

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