Douglas writes from Oregon about the incredible ET healing that has occurred in his family. This is the second in a series of new Communion Letters, about the experiences of our readers and listeners.

He writes: During the Summer of 1972, the northern half of Oregons Willamette Valley was plagued with an epidemic of a very hard-to-treat strain of Strep bacteria. Hospitals were filled to overflowing. I caught this bacteria at a local public swimming pool while taking advanced swimming lessons. I was hospitalized, and lingered for around a week and a half without getting better. My fever was around 104 degrees. Even as a 13-year-old boy, I knew that the doctors were worried that I might die. This Strep infection had led a major kidney infection that none of the antibiotics seemed to work on.

One night a creature that I at first thought was some sort of nurse came to my bedside. She wore a hooded garb like the monks of old, was round of body, and her face was this plastic-like skin, like the burned soldiers coming back from the Vietnam War I was familiar with from TV News coverage at the time. Her nose was only a V shaped ridge. She said she had a solution to my problem, and told me to relax. Out from her left sleeve came this thing that looked like a knobby rod of brushed aluminum. She pushed the rod-like thing against me like an injection, into my left hip. I felt no needle, only something like an ice cube being pushed against the skin. My fever broke for the first time at around 11:00AM the next morning.

In 1991, the miracle of the hooded entities visited my mother. I had been caring for her since around 1981 for strokes she had after retiring from her job as an elementary school teacher. In 1991 my mother suffered a massive stroke which left her with highly impaired speech and a total lack of ability to focus on mental tasks, including personal business. But one day these problems came to a halt for no known reason.

About 6 months later, I had a dream recall of what had happened on that day. In this dream Im sitting in the family room of our house watching Late Night With David Letterman, his old 12:30AM show on NBC that helped me unwind afer caring for my mother. My mother had gone to bed about an hour earlier. All of a sudden the hall light goes on for no reason, and I think that my mother is up wandering around, so I go check on her.

She is sound asleep, and I turn off the light, and return to my comedy god of the time, David Letterman. Around 10 minutes later the light comes on again, but this time, instead of checking on my mother, I sit down at the dining table and simply look down the hallway. Out of the third bedroom come a couple of creatures. They are overly lean and tall (as kids wed call them string-beans), of humanoid form, and they moved through the wooden door of Moms bedroom without opening it. They come in and out of her bedroom for a period of what seems to be around 2.5 to 3 hours. They always returned to the third bedroom as a kind of staging area.

They wore a floor length smock which was dark brown with tan accents, and hats like poorly made snap-brims. The shocking thing about them was their faces, which were solid black with no indication of eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. The head was like an egg that had been colored with a black felt marker. They did not walkthey simply glided across the floor. Whatever tools they used were probably carried in their boxes, which were the size of large Kleenex boxes, only they were painted with semi-gloss gray-colored paint.

They paid no attention to me to the point. I wondered if I was even on their plane of existence, since I was no more that 12-14 feet away from them. That was my dreamlike recall of the event. Our pet cat Mitzi disappeared for a short time during this.

The next morning when my mother got up, she was profoundly better. I noticed two strange things. First, I had to throw out my mothers pillowcase because there was so much caked blood on it. In addition, our third bedroom had a very strong stench of ozone in it. I had no explanation for my mothers doctor when he called to ask why she had gotten better so quickly and completely. My mother had 6 full years of stroke-free life after that, before another massive stroke placed her in a nursing home.

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