I predict that in the future, we will learn how to travel through time. This won’t happen in 2010, but it MAY happen in the next decade.

Every time I’ve interviewed a quantum physicist on Dreamland, I’ve asked them the question, “Is time travel possible?” and every one of them has said, “Yes.”

However, they think we’ll only be able to travel into the past, since travel into the future would imply that the events of the future are fixed and immutable, which would in turn bring up the old philosophical question of “Do we have free will?” If we decide that we don’t, then morality is a waste of time.

From my interviews with remote viewers and psychic mediums, I suspect that we can travel A LITTLE WAYS into the future, just not far. Remote viewers seem to be able to “view” events in the near future and psychics seem to be able to intuit what will happen tomorrow, but not a decade from now.

One of the quantum physicists I interviewed said to me, “If you’re with a time traveler, you will always see his time machine somewhere nearby.” I find this especially interesting because so many contactees see a “black box.” If you’re speaking at a conference in front of an audience of contactees and abductees and you ask the question, “Have you seen the black box?” at least a quarter of them will raise their hands.

After reading about half a million letters from people who have personally met up with what seem to be aliens, I’ve come to the conclusion that while the Visitors (as we call them) may be travelers, they are not here from another planet, they are here from another TIME. I think they have come back to try to get us to stop messing up their PRESENT with our nasty habits like nuclear proliferation and global warming. UFOs are often seen near military bases (the Roswell crash took place near one) and the late John Mack, who interviewed many contactees, found that most of them had received ecological messages about saving the planet.

One thing I’ve noticed from the letters I’ve read and the people whose stories I’ve heard is that these Visitors resemble anthropologists who are exploring an alien culture, trying to fit in but making subtly wrong mistakes, such as wearing obviously wrong clothes. They even use awkward idioms, the way we would if we were transported to the past and tried to join a conversation. They don’t get the details right: One abductee told me that when she told her alien captors that she was hungry, they bought her hamburgers but put them on the ground for her to dine on. Since they seemed to be otherwise kind, I think they were not trying to tell her she was nothing more than an animal to them, I think they were simply ignorant of the way humans in our culture eat.

Time traveling may be synonymous with traveling to a parallel universe where time is a little ahead or way past our own. In this case we will probably have to learn how to slip through the “wormholes” that quantum physicists believe are the key to making this journey. If (or I should say WHEN) we do, we’ll probably be able to wave out the window of whatever vehicle we’re traveling in to some aliens traveling in the other direction.

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