This description of either a remarkable dream or experience was received today, and is published with the kind permission of its author. It could be that an actual movement through time might feel something like this.

Last night I had a very odd dream. However odd dreams aren’t new to me; I’ve always had them. But this was a uniquely odd dream. Outside it was storming and there was lightning. I went to bed. At some point I had the distinct feeling that something happened to time. This is really hard to put into words (and sounds crazy), but I felt like my physical body was experiencing real time and that some other part of me was experiencing a longer event or one not confined to time. In order to help describe this, I will call my sleeping body, body A and the part of me that felt wide awake, body B. Body A experienced a split second of a bright light. I have a screen door across from my bed and as I have said, it was storming. But body A experienced a very bright light, as though someone was in my yard with their brights on and directly aiming at me. The light had a bluish undertone to it and crackled (not like lightening, but more like static). Body A saw this fast and fleetingly and saw two large ant like eyes at the front of the screen door, in front of the light. The thing was not any color, but more like less than opaque little creature. There were two arms. Two legs. A head and really huge bug eyes, but the creature looked like a hologram because I could see behind it. The other thing is that it looked stretched out. What I mean by that is if you took this creature into a fun house and put them in front of one of those distortion mirrors, it looked as though it were stretched out wide, beveled forward even. Body A seems to have been asleep (that is, I was asleep) with the eyes open and felt unable to move during this flash and for a few moments after.

Body B (the part of me watching this as though out of my body) seemed to have some sort of conversation with this creature. It was as though I was being shown snapshots inside my head that translated emotionally into something of meaning. I know this makes no sense, but this is my best attempt to explain it. The light did not occur in a split second, but seemed to be around for a while and there was static in the room after it. The creature showed me pictures in my head in response to questions I had in my head – I was unable to speak for some reason. I was wondering who/what this was and how it got here. In response I was shown a series of pictures of light poles and some sort of electrical facilities and a snapshot of lighting, only it was pure blue. The sense I got from these images is that this thing was explaining that it arrived here via electrical current or conduit and that it was itself an electrical being/energy thing of some sort. I then thought why are you in here with me or visiting me And the pictures I got in my head were sort of a Xerox machine and copies being made. I looked at my body and I thought to myself I am not inside there and my body has its eyes open. Then it was over and I had both the memory of Body A’s split second light and freak show as well as Body B’s experience all merged into one memory. It is an odd feeling to try to reconcile the two time processes, it was very odd. In any case, after it was over, there was static in the room. I could move again and I ran out of the house, got in my car and drove around for a while. I was freaked out because I am convinced that I have lost my mind or had the world’s most freakish nightmare. The only thing is, I never felt threatened during the whole thing. It seemed fine. It was only after that I sort of lost it.

Anyway, that is what happened. I sound like a nut case and I am sure it was a nightmare coupled with the thunderstorm, nothing more… but I am just making too much out of it. So there you have it.

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