But can your pet infect you? – Most flu viruses start in animals, then pass to people, but people can infect their pets, as was discovered recently by a veterinarian who diagnosed a pet can with Swine Flu. Researcher Carolyn Bridges of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) says, “This is just another illustration of why influenza viruses are so tricky and frustrating and interesting at the same time, is this ability to occasionally jump species. Will this continue to happen in the future?

“Cats were known to get [Bird Flu], which is still circulating and which has killed snow leopards and tigers that were fed infected chickens. It is hypothesized that dogs got it from horses. There is potential, certainly, for cross-species infection.” And that includes US. It’s yet another reason to avoid petting that strange cat.

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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