?Or at least where you’ve been. Researchers have now learnedthat they can track criminals and terrorists by analyzing asingle hair.

Anna Gosline writes in New Scientist that researchersmeasure the ratios of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in thehair. These isotopes, absorbed into the body from water, aredifferent in different areas. Researcher Stuart Black says,”Hair is particularly good because it grows about [half aninch] a month, so it actually grows a record of not onlywhere you have been but what you have been eating and drinking.”

But just as criminals try to beat lie detectors, they’vediscovered a way to thwart hair testing as well. If theydrink large amounts of bottled water, the isotopes willresemble the water’s foreign source instead of where they’veactually been. It’s also hard to track people who travelfrequently.

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