…And Jim Marrs, this week’s Dreamland host and author of "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy," ought to know! Banks aren’t just giving you credit scores, they are issuing their customers "bank-depositor behavior score," based on your bank balances, deposit records and withdrawal activity. Banks are nervous about making loans, so they are checking out applicants carefully first by looking at your buying habits and your records of rent, utility and credit card payments. And if you pay your rent in cash, you may look like a deadbeat to your bank. Besides limiting your ability to borrow, this type of spying could also lead to more spam on your computer from things like debt consolidation services (many of which are bogus).

In the Wall Street Journal, Karen Blumenthal relates the case of Ken Lin. He runs a credit-score information website, but when he recently applied for a new credit card, he was rejected because the value of his California home had declined although his mortgage principal hadn’t, despite the fact that he was still making regular mortgage payments. Blumenthal writes: "As all of this becomes a widespread practice, those who are prompt and careful in all aspects of their financial life may have more options–and those who have been sloppy with, say, their bank accounts may be penalized for that."

Anne Strieber has sometimes suspected that people are spying on her and Whitley. And of course they are: They want to get the first-hand information about ETs that only contactees have, and this all comes from YOU. If you’re a subscriber, you can listen to all thirteen of these, including Anne’s interview with Darin, who this week describes what he and his wife saw in the sky on November 8–was that "missile" REALLY a UFO?

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