?if you were born from a frozen embryo! – New studies show that babies born from frozen embryos (used with in vitro fertilization) are less likely to be underweight and premature. So should ALL of us use frozen embryos?

BBC News quotes fertility expert Allan Pacey as warning that “frozen embryo transfers are not as successful as fresh ones in terms of getting a pregnancy. So it may be that we have to balance the health of children against chances of success.”

If you’re pregnant?no matter HOW you got that way?be sure to avoid scented products?and take care of your teeth!

Pregnant women who use perfume or other scented products may have boys who develop infertility problems later in life?and maybe even testicular cancer.

This could occur 8-12 weeks into the pregnancy. But what’s a mother to do?almost EVERYTHING is scented these days! Even if you avoid perfume, these chemicals can be found in household fabrics and even wafting in the air we breathe. Tests on rats revealed that the chemicals that produce scents block the action of the male sex hormone testosterone (which women also have a small amount of, so this could affect girl babies as well).

BBC News quotes researcher Richard Sharpe as saying, “There are lots of compounds in perfumes that we know in higher concentrations have the potential to have biological effects, so it is just being ultra safe to say that by avoiding using them your baby isn’t at risk. If you are planning to become pregnant you should change your lifestyle. Those lifestyle things don’t necessarily mean that you are going to cause terrible harm to your baby, but by avoiding them you are going to have a positive effect.

“We would recommend you avoid exposure to chemicals that are present in cosmetics, anything that you put on your body that might then get through your body into your developing baby. It is not because we have evidence that these chemicals categorically cause harm to babies, it is only based on experimental studies on animals that suggest it is a possibility.”

Pregnancy is one of the reasons that women get more cavities than men. Why does having babies make your teeth worse? As every pregnant woman has been told, if you don?t get enough calcium, your fetus will suck it right out of your teeth.

It all goes back to prehistoric times, when humans transitioned from hunter-and-gatherers to farmers and more sedentary pursuits. Anthropologist John R. Lukacs says, “?The adoption of agriculture is associated with?fertility?The rise of agriculture increased demands on women’s reproductive systems, contributing to an increase in fertility that intensified the negative impact of dietary change on women’s oral health. The combined impacts of increased fertility, dietary changes and division of labor during the move into agricultural societies contributed to the widespread gender differential observed in dental caries rates today.”

Other factors play a part in this, including the female hormone estrogen. Also, women normally produce less saliva than men do, and saliva helps remove cavity-causing food from the teeth. During pregnancy, even the chemical composition of saliva changes, reducing its antibacterial properties.

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