From dead cows – Haven’t we had enough problems using animal parts from dead cows? Now a company wants to increase meat production by cloning dead cattle.

Farmers say this produces high quality meat that is indistinguishable from regular beef. In BBC News, Pallab Ghosh quotes Scott Simplot of the Simplot Company, the inventors of this technique, as saying, “The notion behind what we are doing is to find that animal that created that great steak–and once we have it, we want to reproduce it.”It turns out that meat and milk from cloned animals is already on the grocery store shelves in the US, although most people don’t realize it. Ghosh quotes Margaret Whittenberg, president of Whole Foods (which doesn’t sell cloned meat), as saying, “You don’t hear about it in the media. And when you do tell people about it they look at you and say ‘you’re kidding! They’re not doing that are they? Why would they?'”

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