Saturday night on Coast to Coast AM, Whitley Strieber and Art Bell had a dynamic discussion about global warming, including the hurricane in the Middle East and the melting of Greenland. Now storms are drowning parts of Australia and China.

At least nine people have been killed by heavy storms in New South Wales, Australia, and over 100,000 homes are without electricity. Winds are gusting at 60 mph. Gale-force winds and rising flood waters have forced the evacuation of thousands of people in New South Wales. BBC News quotes one Newcastle resident as saying, "I went to the main street?and it was like a screen from a zombie movie: cars were in the middle of the street, buildings had caved in and there was no light and no-one else around."

Meanwhile, four days of steady rain in southern China have caused floods and landslides that have killed over 60 people. Almost 50,000 homes have been destroyed. Major crop destruction has also occurred.

Remember when you had never even heard about global warming? Then there was Whitley and Art’s Superstorm book, then the mega-movie based on it, The Day After Tomorrow, and suddenly, EVERYBODY was talking about it. Remember where you heard it FIRST, and where you’ll always learn the facts that nobody else wants to talk about. Support us: subscribe today!

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