Weather across the world has been violent, with unusualevents in Hawaii and Europe, and exceptionally destructivestorms in the U.S. At least 27 people died overnight in themidwestbecause of tornadoes. Over the past month, thestate of Hawai’i has received record rainfall. A dam burston the island ofKauai,causing seven deaths, and a deluge on Oahu resulted inflooding and the closing ofWaikikiBeach due to sewageoverflow. Extensivefloodingis taking place in Europe, andGermany was stunned on March 27 when a tornado struckHamburg,killing two people and wreaking havoc.

On Sunday, March 12, two signifcant tornadoes struckSpringfield, Ill., followed a few days later by a blizzardthat smothered the damaged community in snow. Then, onSunday night, a second group of tornadoes hit Springfield,destroying a trailer park.

In Hutchinson, Kansas, upwards of 18 fires broke out after atornadopassed through the community on March 29. Initially, it wasthought that downed power lines caused the fires. The matterremains under investigation.

This latests round of storms comes after a million acreswere burned in the Texas Panhandle and parts of Oklahoma inthe worstfiresever recorded in the region, leaving 11 people dead. Theywere followed just a few days later byrainfall in some burned areas of ‘biblical’ proportions.

Global warming models predict extreme weather, and mostclimatologists believe that we are in the preliminary phasesof a period that could see the worst weather ever known toman. In recent months, it has been discovered thatgreenhouse gasses carbon dioxide and methane are building upin the atmosphere far more quickly than even the most direglobal warming models predicted, and the speed of worldwarming cannot be explained.

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