Our most popular Dreamland guest, William Henry, will be speaking at the Mystery School Weekend at the Beverly Garland Hotel at Universal Studios in Hollywood on June 15-16. He will be speaking to us on Dreamland June 15, live from the conference. The conference costs $37.50 per day, $75.00 for both days.

Author and investigative mythologist William Henry will reveal advanced ancient scientific knowledge about the Soul, the Self and the body (including DNA) that is encoded in myth and legend. His lectures will provide a rare opportunity to experience the lore of the Mystery Schools, including information about the Holy Grail. In William?s workshops you can learn the ancient secrets of DNA, contact a fountain of healing energy, reclaim your connection to your soul?s source and reactivate lost abilities and degenerated spiritual organs.

The Saturday June 15 workshop will take place from 9am to 5 pm. There, you will receive an introduction to Mystery School mythology and the secrets of Planet X. You will explore the Crystal Halls of Christ?s Court, experience stargates in myth and scripture, discover the secrets of our alignment with the Galactic Core in 2012 and the Healing Sun Code, and find out what Myth and Mystery School teachings are embedded in these movies: 2001,Contact, Stargate, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Stigmata, Matrix, and others.

From 9 to 5 on Sunday, June 16, you can: Find out how you are the Mystery, survey our Mystic Anatomy (which is the heart of all Secret Schools), find your inner Jacob?s Ladder to Heaven and your inner Ark of the Covenant. You will also be able to contact a source of Healing Waters/Energies. Tapes will be available on our unknowncountry.com store within a couple weeks of the event.

You can reserve a place by sending a check to: William HenryP.O. Box 2143Hendersonville, TN 37075or send payment via Paypal to:Whenrytn@earthlink.net.Book your room in advance at:www.Beverlygarland.com.

To contact William Henry for details, write to Whenrytn@earthlink.net.

To see a description of William’s books,click here.

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