British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees thinks there’s life in space and that we’re going to find it soon. He thinks we’re going to find a simple form of life on Mars or on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Rees reminds us that there are millions of suns and solar systems out there, and some of the planets orbiting there could definitely harbor intelligent life. Is intelligent life common, or uncommon, in the universe? Scientists are divided about this question.

The Italian physicist Enrico Fermi thought that if intelligent aliens were around, they would have visited us already. Many people who read this website would say they already have. Some stars are billions of years older than our ours, so their planets would be ahead of us when it comes to the evolution. Rees thinks we’ll get a signal from them before we get a visit.

Martin Rees was interviewed by Whitley on Dreamland radio a couple of years ago about his book “Our Final Hour,” in which he talked about global warming. During the interview, he surprised Whitley by bringing up the topic of alien life, which he took totally seriously. That’s an open-minded scientist! This is in contrast to a recent scientist from Princeton University who cancelled his Dreamland interview after seeing the news stories about alien life on our website, probably out of fear that his colleagues would make fun of him. If you want to hear the wonderful Martin Rees interview, subscribe today. Our readers and subscribers aren’t afraid to confront the idea of alien life!

Next weekend on Dreamland, popular guest Roger Leir interviews an Iranian pilot who talks about seeing UFOs (as so many pilots have).

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