In the article “None Dare Call It Stolen” by Mark Crispin Miller in the August 2005 issue of Harper’s Magazine, Miller gives convincing proof that the Presidential election was again stolen by the Republicans, through manipulation of voting machines in Ohio. In an assessment of the 2004 presidential election, University at Buffalo political science professor James Campbell says, “Perhaps the most interesting thing about 2004 was the impact of voter turnout?Democrats and Republicans today are divided more deeply in their views than they have been historically.”

According to Campbell’s research, nearly 60% of the eligible voting population voted in 2004, about a 6% increase over 2000, when many blacks found their names taken off the voter registration in Florida. In 2004, according to Miller, many Democratic voting areas in Ohio had too few voting machines, despite the fact that hundreds were still locked up in warehouses nearby. A lack of machines made it necessary for people to wait hours before they could vote and many had to leave to return to their jobs or families.

Though not as close as the 2000 election in terms of the popular vote, the 2004 election was the ninth closest presidential election since the Civil War and the fourth closest in terms of electoral votes. Campbell says, “American politics nationally is now quite equally balanced between the Democrats and Republicans, and likely will remain that way. So the 2008 election, like 2000 and 2004, should be a close one.” But will it be an honest one?

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