The Valley of the Kings Foundation has announced that they have used radar to discover a new, hidden tomb that has beendesignated KV64. It has not yet been excavated or explored, but it is in the same general area where the incredible, nearly intact tomb of King Tutankhamun (designated KV62) was discovered in 1922.(KV63 was not a tomb but a storagechamber, and was excavated earlier this year.)

The Foundation thinks that, “KV64 is?a discovery of the most extraordinary significance, not for what the single chamber actually holds but for what it clearly signals, which is the definite presence in the Valley of at least one further tomb.” They believe this because a small embalming storage area was discovered in 1907, shortly before the amazing tomb of Tut was discovered 15 years later, and this was found IN THE SAME AREA as the Tutankhamun tomb. They say that KV64, “represents without question?further, significant discoveries to come.” Let’s just hope that the usual cover-up doesn’t occur if?or when?that happens.

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