When the November election is over, will this ALSO be the end of junk science in the White House?

In the September 10th edition of New Scientist, Ivan Semeniuk interviews Anne Solomon, of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, a non-partisan organization in Washington, DC that studies the successes?and failures?or past administrations.

Semeniuk quotes Solomon as saying, “We do not have in the White House and throughout the executive branch the kind of analytical capabilities and broad expertise that’s needed to understand and develop sound policy across these and many other issues. The US leads the world [in science. We have] ?40% of global R&D expenditure, 70% of Nobel prizewinners [and] 75% of world’s top 40 universities by quality of education and research?We feel it’s enormously important to have a president who is scientifically savvy and who takes a leadership role in ensuring that our public policies are based on the best and most accurate scientific assessments.”

Meanwhile, during the last 8 years, official government scientists in many other countries have issued repeated warnings about issues such as global warming.

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No matter how you vote in the next election, make sureyour candidate plans to do something about global warming?and don’t forget where you heard about it FIRST?while everyone else was still denying it was real. And please give us your support as well?and click on the “donate” tab on our homepage too!

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