The mosquito season is finally ending in most of the US and yes, it IS true that mosquitoes like to bite some of us more than others. What causes us to itch, anyway?

Corey Binns writes in that we have special nerves that send us those prickly feelings. While some nerve fibers focus on deliver pain sensations and touch, others are dedicated to making us itch. Histamine is the culprit. This is a protein that is released during an allergic reaction which tells our special itch nerves to send signals to the spinal cord, where they are transmitted to the brain. Antihistamines work by interrupting these signals.

Since scratching often make things worse by opening up skin lesions, which can then become infected, it?s odd that itchiness has survived the evolutionary journey, so perhaps there is a reason for it?although it’s hard to think what it could be.

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