U.S. intelligence fears that al-Qaeda may launch a new terror strike on December 12, because it?s an important date in the Muslim calendar. December 12 is the 27th day of the Muslim holy month Ramadan, and is the day on which the Koran was completed and given to the Prophet Muhammad. Anyone who dies on this day can expect to receive forgiveness.

This is one of the reasons why the White House has again issued a warning about new attacks. Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge said their is credible evidence that new attacks may be on the way and that Americans should be on the alert during the last days of Ramadan and through Christmas. A security source says, ?If you?re looking at dates for possible attacks, the 27th day of Ramadan stands out.?

Faiz Rehman, of the American Muslim Council, says the date is important, but that the 25th and 23rd days of Ramadan (December 8 and10) are also significant. ?It?s most likely that those are the days when you get maximum forgiveness.? But speaking of martyrs like those who flew into the World Trade Center on September 11th, he says, ?Suicide is forbidden in Islam. It is a major sin.?

Ridge denied reports that Osama bin Laden may have a nuclear bomb, and said that it was necessary to issue a public warning due to an increased number of intelligence interceptions. This is the third time the White House has given this kind of warning to the public. Since nothing happened after the other two warnings, they?re afraid Americans may have dropped their guard.

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