When Obama first took office, there was hope that he would reveal what the government knows about UFOs, but he turned out to be an advocate of the secrecy laws in the Patriot Act that was passed during the last administration–which may even be unconstitutional.

The government employs spies to figure out what’s going on (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Here’s a major example of government secrecy, which (as you’ll note) was only reported in the BRITISH press: When Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming lost control of 50 nuclear missiles in October, officials blamed a communication outage, caused by an underground cable that links the control center with the missiles, but three technicians there think UFOs seen in the area at the time may have caused the problem (UFOs are often seen near military bases). And UFO researcher Robert Hastings says eyewitnesses say the outage lasted hours longer than the Air Force admits. Three missile maintenance technicians have agreed to speak to Hastings on the condition that they remain anonymous. They revealed that the military has kept the UFO sightings that were seen during the power outage secret.

The Daily Mail quotes Hastings as saying they report seeing "a large cigar-shaped object high above the missile field. They said the object was seen in the sky above the field, throughout the weekend, both during the (missile) disruption and the following day."

In the June 27th edition of the New York Times, Geoffrey R. Stone writes: "As a longtime supporter and colleague of Barack Obama at the University of Chicago, as well as an informal adviser to his 2008 campaign, I had high hopes that he would restore the balance between government secrecy and government transparency that had been lost under George W. Bush, and that he would follow through on his promise, as a candidate, to promote openness and public accountability in government policy making. It has not quite worked out that way. While Mr. Obama has taken certain steps, notably early in his administration, to scale back some of the Bush-era excesses, in other respects he has shown a disappointing willingness to continue in his predecessor’s footsteps.

"The record of the Obama administration on this fundamental issue of American democracy has surely fallen short of expectations. This is a lesson in ‘trust us.’ Those in power are always certain that they themselves will act reasonably, and they resist limits on their own discretion. The problem is, ‘trust us’ is no way to run a self-governing society." 

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