On May 12 at 7:30PM Pacific time, extraordinary informationabout a piece of unknown material is going to be presented for the first time, and in a highly unique way. Instead of having to go to a conference, viewers will be able to watch live over the internet. Instead of paying $50 or more for tickets, the conference cost will be $9.99. You can sign up right now to watch either live over the internet on May 12 or during the following week, at your leisure.

In addition to the presentation of this unique debris sample, apparently from the Roswell crash, and the remarkable facts surrounding it, some of the very best UFO researchers in the world will be describing their most recent work. Researchers Stanton Friedman, Robert O. Dean, Clifford Stone, Jaime Maussan and Dr. Roger Leir will all give presentations.

Whitley Strieber, who rarely, if ever, attends conferences, is hosting this presentation because the debris sample is proving to be the most profoundly strange thing he has ever had analyzed. For example, as can be seen in the photographs included in this story, the object has proved impossible to photograph either using analog or digital cameras, without some sort of unknown focus distortion. This is despite the efforts of skilled professional photographer and over a hundred photo attempts with cameras that worked perfectly on other objects. There is, very simply, no other material on earth with this bizarre property.

Also, the lineup of participants is among the best ever assembled in one place at one time.

Stanton Friedman is the dean of UFO researchers. He has probably broken more UFO stories than anyone else in the field, and his credibility and attention to detail are legendary. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident. His explosive book Top Secret/MAJIC contains previously classified UFO documents never published before, as well as a foreword by Whitley Strieber. To go to Mr. Friedman’s website, click here.

Dr. Roger Leir is the first person ever to have removed an object believed to be an alien implant from a human body. His pioneering research into these objects is the subject of his book the Alien and the Scalpel and Casebook: Alien Implants, part of Whitley’s Hidden Agendas series. He is at present working with Whitley on the Roswell object, and the very latest lab results will be presented at the conference. For Dr. Leir’s website, click here.

Commander Robert Dean began his UFO research while on active duty with the US Army. From 1963 to 1967, Mr. Dean served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), NATO as an intelligence analyst with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. It was while he was stationed at SHAPE that Robert’s interest in UFOs first began.

During a fateful night while on duty, Robert received a file from SHAPE’s security vault called, “The Assessment; An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe”. This file was given the highest security classification, COSMIC TOP SECRET. The contents of this file opened Robert’s eyes to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. He has, since reading “The Assessment”, dedicated his life to one goal: Bringing to light the true facts surrounding the UFO phenomenon and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

He’s going to tell us about his latest work attempting to gain immunity for military personnel and enabling them to testify before congress. Mr. Dean’s website can be reached byclicking here.

Jaime Maussan is one of the world’s great UFO researchers. He has been personally responsible for gathering the vast archive of UFO video footage that has come out of Mexico, by far the largest and most important such archive in the world. Mr. Maussan has a career not only as a star news reporter in Mexico, but also as the host of the country’s leading UFO-releated program. He will be bringing the latest extraordinary video footage from Mexico. Learn more about Jaime Maussan by clicking here. (Spanish language.)

Sergeant Clifford Stone is another UFO legend. A decorated Viet Nam combat veteran, he served on top secret UFO crash retrieval missions, and interacted with alien life forms during some of these missions. After his retirement in 1990, Sgt. Stone used the Freedom of Information Act to amass one of the largest collections of legitimate government documents about UFOs in the world. He is currently a consultant to various members of Congress who are attempting to challenge official UFO secrecy.

Mr. Stone, who rarely makes public appearances, will attend the conference fresh from a meeting in Washigton, where he has learned startling new information about the coverup. His findings will be disclosed for the first time at the conference.

To sign up for the conference and obtain further information, go to UFOXFiles.com.

A very limited number of VIP tickets are available for personal attendance, at $250 per ticket. For further information about personal attendance, e-mail ufocommunity@bbnow.net.

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