listen to Whitley talk about his new novel – Click here to listen to an interview with Whitley Strieber by Rick Kleffel, who talked to him about his new novel “Midnight” (which has been retitled “Critical Mass” and will be published in January, 2009). And read Whitley’s latest Journal, where he writes about the media debunking of the crop circles, which Linda has a special report about on this week’s Dreamland.

He says, “The purpose is to deny you empowerment by making sure that you remain neutral about the circles, and thus do not embrace the gifts that they offer. My purpose is the opposite. It is possible to work with this imagery and with the circlemakers to gain the very power that government, which is allied with the negative side of the presence that is here, wants to deny you. What is this power? Well, we don’t know yet. But the school has been opened, and our teachers are ready to go to work.” HE INCLUDES A SKETCH OF THE CROP CIRCLE HE “SAW” IN HIS MIND! A group of our subscribers are meditating on the circles along with Whitley. Won’t you join us?

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