We have plenty of evidence of the existence of lost, technologically sophisticated civilizations from the past. One of these is remembered in the legend of Atlantis, written about by the Greek philosopher Plato. Greg Little takes his cue from Edgar Cayce, and is looking for Atlantis in the Caribbean. He talks to Whitley about his underwater adventures on this week’s Dreamland. Michele Kambas and Jean Christou write that another researcher, Robert Sarmast, decided to take Plato literally and search for Atlantis in Cyprus. He says, “The island of Cyprus was, or is, part of Atlantis?a mountaintop.”

According to Plato, Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea thousands of years ago in a natural calamity of some kind?probably an earthquake. Geologists say the central mountain range on Cyprus was once part of the ocean floor, which is why Sarmast has been searching for artifacts there.

He’s been searching underwater too and has discovered a rectangular land mass that stretches from Cyprus towards Syria. “Everything matches the descriptions in [Plato’s] dialogues of Atlantis to an uncanny degree,” he says. “The dialogues read like a treasure map.

“Heinrich Schliemann discovered Troy [in 1873] by following clues in Homer’s Iliad. Before that archeologists said it was a myth. It wasn’t, and nor is Atlantis.”

The truth is, there have probably been many Atlantises, in many different parts of the world. Sarmast’s search followed Plato, while Greg Little followed Edgar Cayce’s revelations, which have proved to be correct so many times before. And if you watch his wonderful new video, you can see the evidence for yourself. Learn all about this amazing adventure on this week’s Dreamland.

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