In our latest poll, we ask you: Do you feel that great changes are coming soon? And subscribers can now download Whitley’s famous novella “The Open Doors” about Dr. John Von Neumann, who some believe is behind the UFO secrecy that still exists today.

In our last poll, we asked you about small household energy use changes in developed countries will mean huge CO2 emission reductions. 51% of you thought these changes should be voluntary, while 22% of you thought they should become law in every developed country. 22% say we can’t affect global warming and 5% say global warming doesn’t exist.

Subscribers should look in the “Special Collections” part of the subscriber area for Whitley’s novella “The Open Doors,” in which he speculates on the terror that gripped the scientist John von Neumann as he died in 1957. Called by the press ‘the smartest man in the world,’ he was one of the founders of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton, and his 1932 paper “Mathematical Basis for Quantum Mechanics” is a key building block of quantum theory.

Although his family vehemently denies it, Dr. Von Neumann has been identified as a key member of Majestic-12, and is believed to have formed the conceptual basis for the secrecy that surrounds the issue of alien presence to this day. In this story, Whitley Strieber speculates on the inner workings of the mind of the man who had understood the devastating reason that has made it essential for government to conceal and deny alien contact, and why his death brought him such extreme fear. The story is in Adobe PDF format.

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