Where do terrorists come from? How can you convince someone to commit suicide in order to kill innocent civilians, by strapping on a bomb or piloting an airplane into a building? An English school librarian who witnessed Muslim pupils celebrating the terrorist atrocities in America says she believes that fundamentalists who follow an extreme form of Islam are deliberately brainwashing Asian children.

The librarian says she saw 15-year-old pupils cheering and chanting anti-American slogans when one of their classmates walked into a room, punching the air and shouting about the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. ?I was sickened,? she says. ?I thought, ?Dear God, how can they behave like this??

?I was with an Indian member of staff. Because she is a Hindu they despise her as well. She said to me, ?I cannot bear to watch this,? and we closed the door, leaving them with their teacher, who said nothing. She has been told by the head teacher that it is better not to interfere.? The school has mainly Muslim pupils and there have been vicious assaults, threats and arson attacks against other ethnic groups.

?So instead of the school being able to take a moral lead and to use the attacks as a means of having a discussion about values and rights and wrongs, we have to let it pass unremarked. It is heart-breaking. I have decided to leave the school because I feel absolutely powerless.?

The librarian, who wishes to remain anonymous, has worked at the school for two years and says, ?It is like a parallel universe. They have created a Kashmiri ghetto, and the children are not allowed to adopt any western values or customs. Some of the children are a real worry. We have pupils who will come up to you and smile sweetly and say something in Urdu. Later you discover that they have called you a bitch. But most of them are decent kids and so are their families.

?They watch only Pakistani programs on cable or satellite. Their mothers never learn to speak English. The girls are treated as second class and all are sent home to marry their first cousins in pre-arranged weddings. They receive no support in their studies. If we interfere we are called racists. Yet they hate Sikhs with a vengeance, they hate Hindus and Afro-Caribbeans, and they don?t much like us either. They will go Sikh-bashing at the weekend.

?When I have offered advice to a Muslim girl who came to me and said, ?Please miss, I don’t want to get married,? I am not supposed to offer her any help. I am not meant to say, ?You are in Britain. This is a free country. You don?t have to do anything against your will.??

The librarian says that although parents actively resist any assimilation – sending children back to Kashmir if they show signs of becoming westernized – she does not believe that the scenes she witnessed in the classroom were inspired in their homes. ?Most are not sophisticated enough for that. Other forces are at work, maybe through their Muslim youth leaders and out on the streets. We recently had Islamic literature circulating that was deeply offensive.

?They are told to hate the West, and America in particular. These children are victims, growing up in a country they are forbidden to become a part of and encouraged to despise the people they live amongst.?

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