We’re just starting to understand WHAT black holes are and HOW they are created. Scientists now suspect that at the end of this process of creation, time becomes "bent," meaning it actually STOPS. The future of time travel may hinge on understanding this (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). In space.com, Clara Moskowitz quotes mathematician Juan Antonio Valiente Kroon as saying, "It is really beyond the physics we know. To understand what happens inside a black hole, we need to invent new physics. Mainly the equations of relativity are so complex that for relativistic systems, the only way you can probe these equations is by means of computer."

One of the new theories explains what happens when a black hole has reached its final evolutionary state. But what makes time stand still? Moskowitz quotes Kroon as saying, "One could say once it has reached this stage, there are no further processes taking place." These theories may be hard for the layman to understand, but someday we may USE them–and perhaps there are others who ALREADY ARE. Lots of people claim to have met these Visitors–whoever and whatever they are–and Anne Strieber has recorded 13 interviews, just for subscribers, with "contactees" like Matt.

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