When stars explode they become brilliant supernova for a short time, then they may undergo a sudden gravitational collapse into a neutron star or black hole, Astronomers are trying to catch glimpses of this happening, in case it happens to us in the future (In 2012? NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

For the last 3 years, astronomers have been scanning 25 nearby galaxies for stars that brighten and dim in unusual ways, trying to spot the ones that are about to die in massive supernova explosions. But that probably won’t happen to us, since our sun star is too small to explode.

Astronomers predict that in about 5 billion years, it will expand into a red giant, then shrink down into a dead, super-dense object called a white dwarf. LiveScience.com quotes astronomer Christopher Kochanek as saying, "There’ll be no supernova for our sun–it’ll just fizzle out. But that’s OK–you don’t want to live around an exciting star."

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