In our current poll, we’re asking you your religion. Remember, all answers are anonymous, so you can be honest. Last time, we asked for your opinion on Whitley’s Easter journal entry on faith. Now Whitley has a new meditation for subscribers that is designed to enable communication with other levels of reality. This unusual and powerful meditation is the first of a series that will provide communications tools that have worked for Whitley over the eighteen years of his close encounter and contact experience.

To read Whitley’s journal on faith again, click here then click on the April 6th entry on the left. 45% of you thought it was excellent (and we received lots of nice comments from you that he really appreciated). 23% thought it was very good, 11% didn’t read it, 8% disagreed with it, 6% weren’t sure what to think, 5% thought it was good, 1% strongly disagreed with it and 1% thought it was poor.

Whitley will be offering meditations on a regular basis in our subscriber section.These specialized tools of the soul are unlike anything that has ever been done before, and they offer a bridge to a very new form of communication between human beings and other entities.

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