Whatever happened to the electric car? It moved to Norway.

The “Think” car is a 2,500 pound car with plastic body panels and a range of 112 miles on a full electrical charge. Can it make it in the US? If it does, Ford Motor Company will be mightily embarrassed!

The company making the new car, which was originally called Pivco, started up in 1991 and 7 years later had built over a thousand cars. In 1999, it was purchaed by the Ford Motor Compnay, which renamed the company Think Nordic, because the cars were so popular in Norway. In 2003, Ford sold the company to a Swiss firm, which went bankrupt in 2006.

Now they’re back in business, but they want to sell cars in a NEW way?perhaps online. They plan to customize the Think the same way that couches?and some jeans?are sold now: the customer will pick out the color and accessories and the car will be made to order, then you can pick it up when it’s ready.

June 25th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Dan Neil quotes Think investor Wilber James as saying, “It’s called distributed manufacture. If we were going to build them anywhere in the US, Southern California would have priority because that’s where we’d sell them. It’s a precursor of what the OEMs [the big automakers] should be doing.”

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