Here are the most-read stories on for the month of January:

The story with the highest number of “hits” was Poles Ready to Flip, about how magnetic North and South could reverse any time and the consequences for us.

Most of the next most-read stories were about UFOs, which makes sense because it’s almost impossible to get objective information on this subject anywhere else?on or off the internet. Many of our UFO stories have a lot less verification than we?d like, because the subject is almost completely absent from U.S. news. The only thing more invisible in our media than UFOs is crop circles. For the UFO stories you liked best, keep reading?

Biggest UFO Story of 2002, Euroseti to Exhibit SOHO Satellite UFO Images, UFOs?or Clouds?, Will Bush Keep UFO Promise?,UFO? Decide for Yourself and UFO Wave in Argentina.

Most popular non-UFO stories were Magnets Can Change Your Mind, Moon & Mars Face: Unanswered Questions and Secret Weapon to Take Iraq to Stone Age.

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