Small household energy use changes in developed countries will mean huge CO2 emission reductions. Vote in our new poll and tell us whether you think 1. These changes should become law in every developed country, 2. They should be voluntary, 3. We can’t affect global warming or 4. Global warming doesn’t exist. To learn the results of our last poll, read on?

In our last poll we asked you: Based on all you know, how would you describe the most important motive of the visitors?

72% of you answered: They are here to take something from us even if it hurts us.

13% of your answered: I don’t feel we have enough information at this time.

12% of you said: They are here to take something from us, but are helping us as well.

2% of you think they are here to help us, regardless of their own needs, and 1% think they are here to harm us, regardless of their own needs.

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