Sleep with the blinds closed! Exposure to even dim light at night is enough to cause physical changes in the brains of hamsters (and humans?) that may lead to depression. But light DOES kill superbugs, which must be why, when you’re in the hopsital, nurses come over and shine a flashlight in your eyes at night!

Hamsters exposed to dim light at night showed more depressive symptoms than hamsters who lived in a in a standard light-dark cycle–they also got fatter. In, Jeff Grabmeier quotes researcher Randy Nelson as saying, "You would expect to see an impact if we were blasting these hamsters with bright lights, but this was a very low level, something that most people could easily encounter every night."

Most people get antibiotic-resistant superbugs in the hospital, where masses of bacteria killing drugs are give out daily and superbugs become resistant to them. Now hospitals have found away to solve this problem: Turn on the lights! This may make you depressed, but at least you’ll get better. A team of researchers has developed a lighting system for hospitals that kills superbugs as soon as the light beams hit them, decontaminating the air and surfaces by bathing them in a narrow spectrum of light wavelengths. Leaving the hospital sicker than when you went in may finally be a thing of the past.

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