There is a lot that we’re not being told about the BP oil spill, and one of these things may be that the spill is unstoppable. Of course, the leak will stop eventually when the oil runs out, but no one knows are big the oil reservoir is, so this could affect our entire future.

On the Mother Jones website, Sharon Astyk at ScienceBlogs quotes an anonymous blogger on the Oil Drum website who says, “Contrary to what most of us would think as logical to stop the oil mess, actually opening up the gushing well and making it gush more became direction BP took after confirming that there was a leak. In fact if you note their actions, that should become clear. They have shifted from stopping or restricting the gusher to opening it up and catching it. This only makes sense if they want to relieve pressure at the leak hidden down below the seabed, and that sort of leak is one of the most dangerous and potentially damaging kind of leak there could be. It is also inaccessible which compounds our problems. There is no way to stop that leak from above, all they can do is relieve the pressure on it and the only way to do that right now is to open up the nozzle above and gush more oil into the gulf and hopefully catch it, which they have done, they just neglected to tell us why.”

The anonymous blogger goes on to say that “it won’t be too long after that the entire system fails. BP must be aware of this, they are mapping the sea floor sonically and that is not a mere exercise. Our government must be well aware too, they just are not telling us. All of these things lead to only one place, a fully wide open well bore directly to the oil deposit. After that, it goes into the realm of ‘the worst things you can think of.'”

About why she’s passing on such a frightening accusation without being able to identify the person making it, Astyk says, “That doesn’t mean I claim the commenter is right, it means I think his information is interesting enough to be worth exposing to a wider audience for clarification or correction.”

According to the Oil Drum website: “Were the US government and BP more forthcoming with information and details, the situation would not be giving rise to so much speculation about what is actually going on in the Gulf. This should be run more like Mission Control at NASA than an exclusive country club function–it is a public matter–transparency, now!”

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