The National Geographic website reports that when a researcher put 84 dogs in separate rooms with food on the floor and told each dog to leave the food alone, their response varied according to whether or not the light was on. The dogs were four times as likely to steal the food–and steal it quickly–when the room was dark.

They quote researcher Juliane Kaminski as saying, "It implies dogs understand (that) the human can’t see them, meaning they might understand the human perspective."

Or it might just be when they could SEE the food, they rejected it–because it was so horrible. High levels of a dangerous toxin called aflatoxin have been found in bagged dog food on a grocery store shelf in the Midwest, the legacy of a mold that attacked last year’s corn crop. This year the toxin was much more common.

In the Chicago Tribune, Carey Gillam and Julie Ingwersen quote Pro-Pet’s Michael Wright as saying, "Last year’s corn crop–it is a huge issue. We test every load coming in. And we reject a lot of loads. Anybody using corn has to be very selective."

Corn is one of the main ingredients of many pet foods, and can also be found in feed for farm animals, as well as processed foods eaten by humans.

The corn used in the recalled dog food had been tested before it was blended into the pet food and Pro-Pet officials say they test finished products as well. But this contamination was not discovered until a random bag was taken off a store shelf in Iowa by an inspector for the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

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