Why has a “doomsday” seed vault been created? Could it be because of the uncontrollable spread of genetically engineered seed? A vault filled with samples of seeds from the world’s major crops is now open in Norway, carved into a remote, snow-covered mountain. It can hold 4.5 million groups of seeds.

In Yahoo News.com, Pierre-Henry Deshayes quotes Cary Fowler, of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, as saying, “The facility is built to hold twice as many varieties of agricultural crops as we think exist. It will not be filled up in my lifetime, nor in my grandchildren’s lifetime.”

The vault is protected by fortified concrete, which can survive nuclear attacks or earthquakes, an armored door and a sensor alarm and is over 400 feet above current sea level, to protect it from flooding in case of flooding caused by global warming.

If the earth self-destructs, due to war or climate change, space travelers in the future may come to this planet and find only?seeds.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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