The Japanese may be ingesting radiation with their milk, but in general, they have a MUCH healthier diet than Americans do. Are we eating too much processed food? Those of us who are trying to avoid chemical preservatives in what we eat will be glad to know that extracts from natural sources such as green tea and grape seeds could be alternatives for food processors as a means of protecting against bacteria.

Our foxes, raccoons, and opossums, too, are now consuming fast food, finding leftovers from drive through restaurants rather than chasing down mice, rats, and birds. The rapid spread of urbanization has humans and animal species living closer together and interacting more than ever before. This is evidenced by kit foxes in urban environments eating the same things as humans–particularly corn syrup.

Human consumers prefer minimal processing and natural tasting foods without additives, and natural extracts can accomplish the same goal without compromising taste or food safety. Food scientist Navam Hettiarachchy says, "There has been increasing evidence on the antimicrobial activities of the extracts from culinary ingredients such as green tea, grape seed and spices against foodborne pathogens. The food processing companies are interested in the state of the art delivery system with the natural antimicrobial extract for better pathogen control, (but) industry takes time to decide."

One way to avoid chemicals in food is to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, and using a credit card to pay for groceries makes a person more likely to buy UNhealthy food. Marketing expert Kalpesh Desai examined the actual purchases made by 1,000 households at a grocery store during a six-month period, and found that participants who paid for groceries with a credit or debit card showed a greater tendency to buy unhealthy foods on impulse.

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