The Japanese have an insatiable appetite for whale meat, but environmentalists have a new weapon in their fight against whaling–in another nonmilitary use of the same drones we use as a weapon in Iraq.

Japanese whaling ships tried to block anti-whaling ships sent by conservationist agencies like Greenpeace to chase the whalers so the whale hunters could escape, but the activists repeatedly launched a drone to track them.

In the Guardian, Jonathan Franklin quotes conservationist Paul Watson as saying, "We first found the Japanese fleet when they were 28 nautical miles away. Our helicopter pilot, Chris Aultman, has been lobbying for this technology for the past two years and now that we have this ‘eye in the sky’ it makes it much harder for the whaling fleet to escape. The other day they switched back from east to west and we detected this with the drone."

But will they use the drone to fire on the ships? This could be a serious act of war.

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