A new poll shows that most Americans now think that climate change is one of our biggest problems. Here at unknowncountry.com, we take some of the credit for that awareness. While the subject of global warming is rarely raised in the US national media, WE don’t ignore it. A new poll reveals that the general public is finally waking up to this threat as well.

LiveScience.com reports that these new poll results represent a dramatic shift from just three years ago, when climate change ranked only sixth out of 10 environmental problems. MIT political scientist Stephen Ansolabehere, who conducted the survey, says, “?There’s been a remarkable increase in the American public’s recognition of global warming and their willingness to do something about it.” Almost ? of the respondents felt that the government should take more action to deal with global warming. The trouble is, instead of acting, our government seems to be willfully ignoring this problem.

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